‘X’ Factor Boy Band Rips Off Randy Rogers Band Logo

For a site like Saving Country Music, the reality show beat could be such an endless supply of roasting material on darn near a daily basis, it’s not even worth broaching the subject unless it’s done as a full time endeavor. There’s so many shows and competitions, and what’s transpiring there is so cancerous, it’s not worth providing it with unnecessary attention even by gracing it with the poison pen. We’ll leave our venom for more worthy adversaries and let these people prove their muster in the real music world first before we ride them with ridicule or shower them with praise.

But over the past few weeks, I’ve been receiving numerous emails about a country boy band made up of three ‘X’ Factor contestants collectively named “Restless Road.” Apparently this band is now a semi-finalist on the show and yesterday, the intrepid country music writer for Entertainment Weekly named Grady Smith sent me a link to a video of one of their performances covering Luke Bryan’s “That’s My Kind Of Night.” Of course it was awful on its own, but that goes without saying. More importantly what caught my eye immediately was the logo on front of the bass drum on the back line. It was the immediately-recognizable back-to-back capital ‘R’ ‘s of the very popular and successful Texas country mainstay the Randy Rogers Band.

I found it quite alarming to think Randy Rogers has stooped so low as to slum it as the house band for The ‘X’ Factor, but that’s not what was going on here at all. Apparently even though this Restless Road boy band is still competing on The “X’ Factor, part of the ‘X’ Factor bit is to match up contestants with branding even as they’re competing. And I’ll be damned if Restless Road, The ‘X’ Factor marketing team, or someone didn’t straight up rip off the Randy Rogers Band logo, back-to-back capital ‘R’ ‘s, with the white highway stripes down the middle and everything.

Sure, there may be some subtle differences, like the slanting perspective of Randy’s logo compared to the straight up-and-down of Restless Road, but nonetheless, this isn’t just a little too close for comfort, this is straight-up thievery from a band whose been around for a dozen years and is signed to MCA Nashville, or is such wholesale oversight that it is inexcusable.



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