Yellow Rose Movie Co-Starring Dale Watson Moves Forward with Filming


Yellow Rose, a film about a 15-year-old Filipino-American runaway with dreams of making it big in country music and co-starring Dale Watson, has begun the filming process, and was shooting Sunday evening (November 1st) at Austin’s historic honky tonk, The Broken Spoke.

Details on the film first came to light in the Spring of 2014 after Dale Watson was formally cast as Jimmy Redburn—a former country music great who flamed out. It now appears that Dale Watson could possibly play himself in the film, but in a meta role where his fortunes are perhaps not as great as they actually are today.

One of the missing pieces keeping the film from moving forward was finding the right young female lead of Filipino descent who could play guitar and sing. It appears filmmaker Diane Paragas has found her girl in Thia Megia, who has been participating in filming in and around Austin over the past few days. “This gal can REALLY sing! And Write!! And Act!!!!” said Dale on Instagram on October 30th. Diane Paragas is a filmmaker whose work has found its way onto MTV, The Discovery Channel, and Showtime, and who is of Filipino decent herself. Her own experience of growing up in a tiny town in Texas is the inspiration for Yellow Rose.

The main character Rose Garcia is said to be a sensitive, introspective girl who is teased in her small town as “Yellow Rose” for her Filipino heritage mixed with her love of all things traditional country music. Rose Garcia finds solace in the music, and spends her nights studying classic country, practicing guitar, and writing country songs. Her one friend named Elliott is into alternative music and hates everything Texan, but sees the talent in Rose. The two teenagers slip into a honky tonk one night where they meet Dale Watson. When Rose’s mother is later picked up by immigration agents, Rose flees the scene to try and save her mom and herself by pursuing her country music dreams.

Jimmy Redburn, anxious to rekindle his own country music career, and surprised by the talent of Rose Garcia, decides to take the young girl under his wing.

This is not Dale Watson’s first acting role. He appeared in the Christmas film Angels Sing released in 2013, the 2006 film The Garage where he plays a biker, and a thriller called Two Step that was released on March 9th, 2014.

Yellow Rose is produced by Diane Paragas, Gigi Dement, Glen Zipper, and Griffin Dunne. The cinematographer is Hillary Spera.


The below video was shot outside of Dale Watson’s Big T’s Roadhouse in St Hedwig, TX.

Every Song – Yellow Rose By Dale Watson from Diane Paragas on Vimeo.

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