Your Impact has Been Seen and Felt!

I have great news!

The other day, a little birdie flew up to me a whispered this in my ear:

“All of this great push for this album (Damn Right Rebel Proud) has come from the people who really care and love the music here on MYSPACE. This in turn has made it possible for III not to be dependent on Curb’s advertising dollar, which comes out of III’s pocket in the end. It has all been noticed and greatly appreciated.”

What this means for you my fellow members of Free Hank III is that all of our hard work, all of our posting and reposting of messages and banners, all of our efforts to spread the word about Hank III’s music, even these stupid blogs, have had a SIGNIFICANT impact on Hank III’s success and exposure!

What this stems from is the tremendous amount of pre-orders that have been flooding in for Damn Right, Rebel Proud and the Hank III Collector’s Edition. This has shown companies, especially Best Buy, that this album release is significant, and that Hank III has one of the most loyal and rabid fan bases out there.

That is why Best Buy is putting an ad for DRRP in their Upcoming Circular.

Also, if you go to THIS BEST BUY PAGE you can see that DRRP is featured under the ‘pre-order’ field. See if Curb spends money on advertising, what they sometimes do is charge the artist for that in the end, taking the ad dollars out of their royalties. What happened here is because there has been such a huge pre-order demand for DRRP, they have been able to get exposure without paying anybody. Bust Buy is glad to make the album prominent, because they see the demand for it!

So if you’ve been wondering if the effort you’ve been putting out through Free Hank III has made any difference, however big or small your effort has been, well then the answer is a resounding . . .


Also, if you haven’t heard, MySpace has just done a huge partnership with to form ‘MySpace Music.’ You can read more about it by CLICKING HERE, but long story short, this is going to make MySpace an even more significant destination for music lovers, seekers, and buyers, and potentially give even more exposure to what we are doing here for Hank and Hank. So keep helping me try to spread the word, cause we still got a long train ride ahead of us!

Speaking of, check out this spanking new video from JB Beverly & the Wayward Drifters:

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