Your Opinion: Hank III’s New Album (New Interview)

Hank Williams IIIIn a couple of recent interviews, one on Episode 66 of Outlaw Radio and another posted recently on YouTube (see below) Hank Williams III seems almost to be discounting his new upcoming album, The Rebel Within before it even comes out.

He mentions that it is a good album, but he also goes out of his way to say it is not as good as Straight to Hell, how the creative juices are not flowing under the ultra-combative control of his record label Curb Records, and that he doesn’t want to give Curb anything “too good,” because any songs he releases while still under Curb contract will still remain the property of Curb even when he leaves.

Hank III’s personal MySpace page still says, “ANd il tell ya the way it is Damn Right and Rebel Proud aint Shit Compared to Straight To Hell!”, discounting his last release as well. I can only imagine all of this talk must drive his management crazy.

So my question for you is, what do you think when an artists comes out and plays down a release before it even comes out? Do you appreciate the honesty, and does it make the artist more real and accessible? Or do you think it is an unhealthy practice?

Hank III will never make another Straight to Hell because that album encapsulated a space in time that will no longer exist again, and was groundbreaking in a way very few albums could ever achieve. In the latest YouTube video, Hank III gives credit for his loyal fan base to giving his music away in the form of letting fans tape shows. Is his honestly with his fan base, telling it like it is with no spin, another reason for the rabid loyalty of Hank III fans?

Hank III is not the only one to downplay records released by Curb. So has Leann Rimes and Tim McGraw.

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