Adam Hood Enlists Brent Cobb, Blackberry Smoke for New Album

Highly regarded songwriter Adam Hood is getting ready to release his latest album called Bad Days Better on September 16th via Soundly Music, and if you want to know just how highly regarded Adam Hood is, just take a look at how many names he’s hoodwinked into collaborating with him on this 10 track release.

Produced by good friend and frequent collaborator Brent Cobb, Bad Days Better sees appearances by Miranda Lambert, Charlie Starr of Blackberry Smoke, Courtney Patton, and songwriting partners such as Warren Haynes of The Allman Bros., Pat McLaughlin, Rob Snyder, Davis Nix, Dave Kennedy, and Oran Thornton. But that’s not all. Adam Hood and producer Brent Cobb lined up no less than Blackberry Smoke themselves to be the studio band for Bad Days Better.

In other words, this is like getting a new Adam Hood album, and Adam Hood/Brent Cobb collaborative album, and a Blackberry Smoke side project all rolled up into one. Many people in the Adam Hood orbit who respect the songwriting of the Opelika, Alabama native answered the call to make Bad Days Better a career effort.

A few songs have already been released from the album, namely “Business with Jesus,” “Harder Stuff” with Miranda Lambert that you’ve been hearing in the SCM Top 25 Playlist, and the most recent song, “Speed of the South.” When Adam Hood released “Business with Jesus” back on April 15th, Saving Country Music received an exclusive, out-of-the-blue missive from producer Brent Cobb about this album, and it probably describes the work and Adam Hood better than anyone else could. So here it is, in its entirety:

Everybody loves a story after it’s told. They love watching the movies about the struggling artist during their toughest times like ‘Walk The Line’ or ‘Ray,’ but why? Because they already know the ending. Adam is in the middle of his actual swan song.

He recorded this record in real time of that occurrence. He’s an artist who had already been pounding the pavement for nearly a decade when Miranda Lambert broke down outside of a Texas town with her mom and walked into one lone dancehall to discover Hood playing solo to an empty room. And that was 13 years ago. She called her producer Frank Liddell right then and there and set up a meeting. Adam then signed a publishing deal with Frank’s publishing company Carnival Music and started writing songs that the big radio artists started cutting. We became friends during this time.

I told him when we started making this record that I’ve never produced anything so if it turns out good it’s because I’m just a fan, and if it turns out terrible it’s because I’m just a fan. It just so happened it turned out to be the essence of exactly who he is. This is a Southern country and blues album by Adam Hood. Recorded at Capricorn Studio in Macon with Blackberry Smoke as the band. It don’t get more true than that.

–Brent Cobb

So there you go. This is definitely one you will want to get on your radar. Bad Days Better is now available for pre-order.


1. Bad Days Better (Adam Hood, Oran Thornton)
2. Business with Jesus (Adam Hood, Pat McLaughlin)
3. Throw Me a Line (Adam Hood, Warren Haynes)
4. Harder Stuff ft. Miranda Lambert (Adam Hood, David Nix, Brent Cobb, Charlie Starr)
5. Can’t Stand Leavin’ (Adam Hood, Rob Snyder)
6. Speed of the South (Adam Hood, Jason Jones)
7. Flesh and Blood (Adam Hood, Brent Cobb)
8. Don’t Do It (Adam Hood, Brent Cobb)
9. Low Road (Adam Hood, Dave Kennedy)
10. Livin’ Don’t Give a Damn (Adam Hood, Rob Snyder)

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