Alright, Free Hank III is PISSED !!!

CAUTION: This Blog Contains HEAVY Language, That Might Be Offensive to Some.

So I am PISSED! And I’m not only pissed, but I’m pissed about being pissed, because that’s all I seem to be able to be these days. I’m getting pretty fucking tired of defending Hank III to his own damn fans.

I write this shit because I enjoy it. But lately it’s not been much fun.

What I’m pissed about is THIS.

Click on it, scroll down, and read some of the messages there. MOST are positive, but there are some roasting Shelton for ‘selling out’ or whatever. These uninformed, shallow fucktards are bringing my piss to a fucking boil.

For example, check out this Buffalo Turd. His profile name is “Eat a bowl of FUCK,” and under his about me he says:

“I’m Emmett. Libertarian vegetarian. I play music and kick it with the niggas. Fuck er’body else.”

Hmm, seems like a real fuckin’ winner. I might email him and tell him he can come over to my house and fuck my sister. And something tells me if he were hanging with any ‘niggas’ the only thing they’d be kicking are his numb fucking nuts.

This is the brilliance numb nuts needed to share with the rest of the world about III’s new shoes:

“that fuckin sucks. next thing youll be on MTV or American Idol. LAME.”

I would rather have diarrhea coming out of my dick than listen to this drool mouth.

I was trying to figure out why numb nuts, or wait, let me refer to him by his real name, Eat a Bowl of FUCK was such a pissed off stupid bastard. It explained it all when I found this picture:


You know what, I would be pissed too if I had pubic hair growing out of my scalp. And what in the hell is that hairy thing to the right of him? I stared at it for 10 minutes and only thing I can think of is its his boyfriend’s vagina.

What a flame out.

Listen, in all seriousness, if you think of all fucking people that Hank III is a sellout, you need to check your head. This Dude said it best:

“Wow, just by lookin at some of yalls comments it’s really clear how fucking ignorant you are. Vox is an independantly run skate company, so therefore they are an honest and reliable sponsor…it would be no different if Roadrunner or Emetic put out the next Assjack album. Learn something before you start talking smack on here guys.”

VOX is not a ‘corporation,’ and Hank III has been selling and supporting their stuff for years.

And you want to know something else. I am NOT buying these shoes. Yeah, that’s right. ME, the benevolent dictator of is not going to buy these shoes. Why? Simply because I don’t have the J. Cash Dollars and the moment, and I’m not a SK8’er to begin with. But I’ve bought lots of other Hank III merch in the past, and I will continue in the future. But shit, if these shoes are not your thing, then let them slide, but don’t go shitting on everyone else’s good time.

III puts some work boots out I’ll be on them like a duck on a June bug.

But just like I said way back when I started this thing, in my Letter to Mike Curb:

“We don’t like him because he’s perfect, we like him because he is like us.”

So if you think Hank III is a sellout, whatever. I won’t make fun of you or your boyfriend’s vagina any more. Just make sure you get your fucking facts straight.

Because when somebody’s talking shit about Hank III, I come out firing with both barrels!!!

So you better be able to take it like a man.


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