Angaleena Presley Teams with Yelawolf on “Country” (Video Premier)


One thing a Pistol Annie is no good for is keeping their mouth shut and doing what they’re told. Angaleena Presley has just released her second solo album called Wrangled, and one of the most buzzed tracks in all of country music at the moment is her song “Country.” The Kentucky-born songwriter and performer comes out kicking and screaming about all of the countrified posturing that occurs in country music, though not much “country” makes it into the music itself.

You’re not quite sure exactly what message Presley is trying to drive home when you first pull up the track. But things get turned up a big notch when Nashville resident and hip-hop artist Yelawolf, who is a well-known critic of arena rap and corporate country, goes careening into a tirade about the current direction of the genre, name dropping Sturgill Simpson along the way.

Saving Country Music has been trying to warn folks that Yelawolf is a strange, but important key to exposing the ills of mainstream country, and he puts his money where his mouth is on “Country” in one sharp quip after another.

Now we got no Hank and Johnny
No Waylon playing, Dwight Yoakam on the radio
Just a crazy load of these country posers
I supposed a couple are real, but they’ll never make it
So Thank God for Sturgill Simpson
‘Cause Music Row Can Fuckin’ Save It

“If I have to be the whistleblower, so be it,” Angaleena Presley recently told the Nashville Scene. “I’m 40, I don’t have anything to lose. This is my F-you record.”

On having Yelawolf participate, Angaleena says, What he does is like the backbone of what all of those people were trying to do on country radio, but he’s doing it for real, and it’s honest. So I thought it would be really fitting for him to come and do that part.”

Angaleena’s Wrangled is unhinged, angry, and on point. It is now for sale, and look for the Saving Country Music review coming soon. You can see the premier of the lyric video for “Country” below.