Babies “June Carter” and “Johnny Cash” Born in Same Hospital

photo: Nicole Davis

What are the odds? Perhaps they’re a little bit better in Huntsville, Alabama than in some other places. But it’s still wild that two separate couples with no affiliation whatsoever would give birth to two separate babies on the same day and in the same hospital, with one couple naming their new bundle of joy June Carter, and the other naming theirs Johnny Cash. That’s what happened on April 10th at the Huntsville Hospital.

The Clark Family welcomed their 6 lb. 12 oz. daughter June Carter Clark into the world at 2:30 pm on April 10th, and later that evening the Davis Family welcomed their 7 lb. 2 oz. son Johnny Cash Davis. When the two families figured out the strange coincidence, they met each other and took pictures of the two babies side by side in the hospital.

June Carter’s mother Sophie Clark says that they do love Johnny Cash, but they just loved the name June. Her husband’s name is Carter Joy, so they decided on June Carter for their new daughter.

Johnny Cash’s mother Nicole Davis told WSFA, “Well, I don’t know who couldn’t be a Johnny Cash fan, especially if you love country music at all … At first we thought about ‘Nashville’ because we love that area. We spend a lot of time up that way … Then we though, ‘Oh, Johnny Cash will be perfect, and we’ll call him Cash.'”

Two extended family members from the respective parties bumped into each other at the hospital, and the two families put two and two together.

“Of course we immediately took them out in the hall and took pictures and exchanged information, so they will always have this cool coincidence to follow them as the grow, and they will always have a cool story,” Nicole Davis says. “I think it’s so fun that in a world where there were lots of little babies born on April 10th, these two guys are always going to have this really fun backstory, and always have an opportunity to have a friend that they met in an unconventional, but really special way.”

It speaks to just how much the legacy of country music is embedded in our little world. In big and small ways, you see the love of country music manifest itself every day.

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