Bebe Rexha Throws ‘F’-Bomb Tantrum After Crowd Won’t Sing “Meant To Be”

WARNING: Language

Congratulations country music, the woman who will forever be etched into the history books as having the longest-charting #1 in country music’s 90-year history—and who isn’t even a country artist to begin with—has just revealed herself to be a petulant child and a generally bad human being, and right as she’s up for winning a Grammy award in a country category.

Bebe Rexha, whose collaboration with Florida Georgia Line called “Meant To Be” spent a historic and likely insurmountable 50 weeks atop Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in 2017-2018—and that also broke records for the best-charting debut single by a woman in country along with other important benchmarks—took to the stage Thursday night (2-7) at a pre-Grammy event, and made a complete ass of herself.

Spotify held a party in Los Angeles Thursday to honor all of the women up for the Grammy’s New Artist of the Year award this Sunday, and Bebe Rexha decided to perform “Meant To Be” for the assembled crowd. When the crowd was apparently unenergized by Bebe Rexha and “Meant To Be,” the claws came out.

After telling the band to stop mid performance, Bebe Rexha spouted, “This song was No. 1 for 50 fucking weeks! I work too fucking hard for this fucking bullshit, okay? … I worked too hard for this moment. I’m from Staten Island, New York, and I’m standing on this stage right here. You’re going to sing the fucking words if you know the fucking song … Call me whatever the fuck you want to call me. I’m being a bitch right now, yes.”

This is according to the AP, who said response to the song was “jaded.” So no, it’s unlikely Bebe Rexha was being sarcastic. At one point Rexha looked over at her mom and said, “My mom is like ‘please calm down.’ I love you mom. I’m calming down.”

After publicly complaining that she couldn’t find a high-profile custom designer to make her a dress for the Grammy Awards since she’s a size 8—which was nothing more than a publicity stunt to pander to her audience for sympathy, and focus attention on her large bosom—Bebe Rexha showed up to the Spotify event in a purple gown, flipping the assembled media off, and licking her middle finger in their general direction.

This was in stark comparison to fellow New Artist of the Year nominee Margo Price, who actually does play country music, and took to the stage 6 months pregnant to respectfully perform her songs “Four Years of Chances,” “All American Made,” and “A Little Pain” for the crowd assembled at L.A.’s Hammer Museum.

The embarrassment that is Bebe Rexha and “Meant To Be” being placed so prominently in the country music record books will be made worse if she wins the Grammy for Best Country Duo/Group Performance on Sunday with Florida Georgia Line, or the all-genre New Artist of the Year for that matter, which Margo Price is also up for. Unfortunately, Bebe Rexha’s expletive-fueled tirade comes after the ballots for the awards have been cast, and the trophies minted.

But hopefully this incident goes a lot way to proving what many country fans have been saying now for over a year: Bebe Rexha doesn’t have the temperament, sound, style, or class to be considered any part of the country music community, and her inclusion edges out artists more worthy of important distinctions such as Grammy Awards, or chart records. Bebe Rexha and “Meant To Be” should be scrubbed from the annals of country music, and Billboard should implement new firewalls to make sure such an egregious gaming of the chart system doesn’t happen again.

UPDATE: Video Emerges of Bebe Rexha’s ‘F’-Bomb Tirade 

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