Brand New Absolutely Amazing Documentary featuring Hank III

Holy shit.

I just got done watching one of the best underground music documentaries I’ve ever seen.

It Features:

–Hank III, including live performances, commentary, and a TOUR OF THE HAUNTED RANCH !!!

–Joe Buck commentary and live performances.

— Joe Buck Giving a tour of downtown Nashville, including Music Row, The Country Music Hall of Fame’s Williams’ Family Exhibit, Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge (where Outlaw Country was born), The Bluegrass Inn (where Shelton is at this very moment signing autographs.)

–Creech Holler commentary

–Jason from the underrated ‘Jason and the Scorchers’ singing to his pig.

–The Earnest Tubb Record Shop.

–Excellent Cinemetography

–And much much more.

You have GOT to see this. It’s unbelievable there is nothing like this produced in the United States. It is from Sweden, and it is part of a series on underground music all around the world.

Now since its on a Swedish site, it’s not easy to find, but first click here , then you want to navigate down the THIRD VERTICAL COLUMN FROM THE LEFT until you see a green ‘play’ icon. Click the first link, and that will get you to the right place. It can either be played with Windows Media Player or Realplayer, but make sure you select ‘play’ instead of download, unless you need to download one of those programs.

Take my advice and let it buffer for a while before you start watching it. It is 30 minutes long and worth every fucking minute.

Thanks to ‘Roadrat’ from the Hank III message board for turning us all on to this.

Also, if anybody has the capabilities to get this on YouTube, let’s get that done for Hank III, and let us know when it is available.


Performance from Jason and the Scorchers:


Kyle @ Solvent Abuse Design just uploaded the video to YouTube! THANKS KYLE! To see his site click here , and here they are the videos: (be patient with the 1st one, it’ll get there)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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