Bulgarian Country Star Roy Sturn Has Died

If you ever needed an illustration for how the love and appeal for country music can span well past international borders, Bulgarian-born country music singer, songwriter, and bass player Roy Sturn was a good example.

From Sofia, Bulgaria, Roy Sturn’s real name was Tsetso Vlaikov, and he played and sang country music both in Bulgaria, the United States, as well as ships at sea as part of the entertainment on cruise ships. Roy Sturn also played bass in numerous bands for others. Jovial, funny, and animated, Roy Sturn became a fan favorite with anyone who interacted with him. Sturn passed away in Bulgaria on Sunday, February 5th.

Roy Sturn performed in bands such as The Nashville Junction, The Delta Roosters, Medicus, and other outfits. He also fronted a band of his own called Stetson. He released numerous albums, including Tear River and Catch The Bull’s Horn with Stetson, as well as White Hot Sun, all of which can be heard on SoundCloud.

“Some folks were asking me, ‘Hey Roy, how did you get involved in country music?'” Sturn says in a promotional video for The Nashville Junction. “You’re not from Texas. You’re not an American either.’ Well, I was almost 20 when I heard for the first time in my life real country, in a small bar sitting there with friends. Then I said to myself, ‘That’s what I want to do. That’s my kind of music.'”

Roy Sturn was also a comic book illustrator who went by the name Dick Benedict, and also designed album covers and did other illustrations.

Sturn is set to be buried on Thursday, February 9th at the Central Sofia Cemetery. No cause of death has been publicly announced.

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