Carly Pearce Gets Chance to Tell Her Full Story in True Country

Carly Pearce just continues to prove that she’s a bright spot in the mainstream of country, and is making us proud once again. The only problem with the EP she released earlier this year entitled 29 was just that: it was only an EP. The seven songs seemed to denote a new direction for Carly back to her country roots that are strong and true and have just been waiting for the right opportunity to poke out through the surface.

Well now after the initial success she’s doubling down on that approach by releasing a proper full-length album called 29: Written in Stone, due out on September 17th. “I realized, as much as ’29’ captured a moment, I wasn’t done with the story,” Carly Pearce says, and though the new album will include the seven songs we already heard on the EP, it will also include eight new ones.

And Carly Pearce isn’t leaving any room for us to guess if the new songs will be like the old songs and double down on her more traditional country approach. Along with the new album announcement, Carly Pearce has released the single “Dear Miss Loretta” she co-wrote herself, which might be even more traditional than most or all the tracks on the 29 EP. Oh, and it features Patty Loveless to boot.

“To hear Patty Loveless sing your words, there’s no way to describe that sensation,” Pearce says. “Her voice is Appalachia, those mountains and hollers are country music. To think a year ago I was asking myself, ‘What would Patty Loveless do?’ thinking about all her songs, how smart and sassy she always was… and now she’s on one of mine.”

And to top it all off, Carly Pearce is being officially inducted into the Grand Ole Opry on August 3rd—the day she’s announcing all of this. She actually debuted “Dear Miss Loretta” on the Opry stage that helped make Loretta Lynn famous in March, saying at the time, “It wasn’t until the last year that I really felt what she’s sang about all these years, and just how much we really do have in common.”

Born in Taylor Mill, Kentucky, Carly Pearce developed an interest in country music at an early age from her grandparents, and was playing bluegrass at 11, declaring proudly in one home video that she would play the Grand Ole Opry someday. She dropped out of school at 16 after trying out for the “Country Crossroads” show at Dollywood and winning the job. She then convinced her family to move to Pigeon Forge with her.

Now after years of playing the game in Nashville, Carly is finally getting to record and perform the kind of country music she wants, and the kind of country music many country fans want from her.

29: Written in Stone is now available for pre-order.


1. “Diamondback” (Carly Pearce, Kelsea Ballerini, Tofer Brown, Shane McAnally)
2. “What He Didn’t Do” (Carly Pearce, Ashley Gorley, Emily Shackelton)
3. “Easy Going” (Carly Pearce, Natalie Hemby, Josh Osborne)
4. “Dear Miss Loretta” (featuring Patty Loveless) ( Carly Pearce, Brandy Clark, Shane McAnally)
5. “Next Girl” ( Carly Pearce, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne)
6. “Should’ve Known Better” (Carly Pearce, Jordan Reynolds, Emily Shackelton)
7. “29” (Carly Pearce, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne)
8. “Never Wanted To Be That Girl” (featuring Ashley McBryde) (Carly Pearce, Shane McAnally, Ashley McBryde)
9. “Your Drinkin’, My Problem” (Carly Pearce, Nicolle Galyon, Sasha Sloan, Ben West)
10. “Liability” (Carly Pearce, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne)
11. “Messy” (Carly Pearce, Sarah Buxton, Jimmy Robbins)
12. “Show Me Around” (Carly Pearce, Emily Shackelton, Ben West)
13. “Day One” (Carly Pearce, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne, Matthew Ramsey)
14. “All The Whiskey In The World” (Carly Pearce, Jordan Terry Minton, Jordan Reynolds, Emily Shackelton)
15. “Mean It This Time” (Carly Pearce, Jordan Terry Minton, Jordan Reynolds, Emily Shackelton)

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