Charley Crockett Wants You To Call Him At (512) 380-1890

Traditional country and authentic bluesman Charley Crockett released his latest record Welcome To Hard Times on July 31st, but he’s just now hitting his stride in trying to convince you to give it a listen. The native Texan with authentic Davy Crockett blood is now one of the cats at the top of the heap trying to saving country music, and he’s taking a few unique approaches to trying to promote his music.

Lately Charley Crockett billboards have been spotted in Nashville, Times Square in New York, and other places. Perhaps it’s a strange way for an independent artist to promote their music, but Crockett is used to trying to convince folks on street corners to give him a listen. “The only logo you see on there is mine,” Crockett says of the billboards. “Lots of folks just waitin’ around for a gate keeper to break ‘em off. I’ve been told no the whole way here. But I learned how to stand behind my guitar on a street corner and nobody can take that away from me.”

Some of the Billboards are also encouraging fans to give Charley Crockett a call at (512) 380-1890. Dialing the phone number, fans get an opportunity to hear two unreleased songs from the Welcome To Hard Times sessions in “Oh Jeremiah” and “When Will My Troubles End,” and get the opportunity to opt into Crockett’s fan club. Rumor has it that if you call at the right time, Charley Crockett may even answer himself.

It’s all part of the inventive way Charley Crockett has been promoting Welcome To Hard Times, including a series of videos shot Out West and other places, with the one constant being a canary yellow rotary phone. Crockett can be seen in the latest installment for the song “Wreck Me” singing into the phone (see below). Who knows, perhaps if you call Charley Crockett, he will sing to you too.

Stuck at home and unable to tour, artists are facing trying times, and trying to figure out ways to stay in the spotlight. Having to cancel his tour promoting the new record, Crockett is doing his best hustle to still get you to pay attention.

And if you happen to be in Texas, he is planning a few socially distanced acoustic shows, playing at The Kessler in Dallas four times in two days on October 23rd and 24th, and at The Heights in Houston November 6th and 7th.

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