Chris Stapleton Teases “Starting Over”

This story has been updated (see below).

November 13th, 2020—a.k.a. ten days after the Presidential election in the United States, or when we can expect the still-undermined results of a contested referendum to be bogged down in the courts, with the uncertainty in the outcome resulting in widespread protests on both sides of the political spectrum and regular skirmishes breaking out in between, commonly descending into riots and looting as day gives into night, steadily escalating until the suspension of basic services is necessary in certain areas as rolling blackouts and the loss of utilities slowly tear at the fabric of society until many parts of the country descend into a bonafide hellscape and a full-blown hot civil war breaks out between cities and rural areas with the suburbs in between being set ablaze like funeral pyres.

But hey, at least we’ll have some new music from Chris Stapleton to listen to. Possibly, at least. So yay!

On Monday (8-24), those horny for new Chris Stapleton music got their worlds rocked when the Kentucky singer and songwriter wiped his social media feeds clean and posted a teaser video complete with fire, loud guitar riffs, foreboding backup choruses, horses running free, and insects eating each other. Very clearly, this is all rich symbolism for the post-apocalyptic landscape we’ll be living in when November 13th rolls around that Chris Stapleton looks to soundtrack with what will likely be his fourth solo album, possibly to be titled (and appropriately so), Starting Over.

Since we’re so far out, and labels hate to promote records through the holidays, this November 13th date they’re touting is more likely an album release date as opposed to a single, meaning we may hear a new song or songs from the bearded one sooner rather than later, especially if they want to send it to radio and have it nearing the top of the charts by the time the album comes out. But we’ll see.

UPDATE: Chris Stapleton sent a tweet out Tuesday afternoon (8/25) saying there would be a new song at noon on Thursday (8/27).

Chris Stapleton debuted a new song live called “Starting Over” first in October of 2019, and played it off and on before the pandemic. The words “Starting Over” also appear in his profile picture on Twitter at the moment, but that may just be the name of the first single, not the album. Also from the teaser video, it appears Stapleton is recording in Studio ‘A’ in Nashville once again, which means Dave Cobb is likely involved, who you might see in the bottom right of the shot at the 10-second frame (see below).

“Starting Over” joins a host of other new songs Stapleton has been playing live over the last year or two, including one called “Minimum Wage” with a blues attitude and meaty groove that was co-written with Mike Campbell of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers fame. Another one is called “Bad Side of The Blood” about being the black sheep of the family, and features more of the country soul style of Stapleton. A couple of other new ones are lurking out there as well, and amateur video of all these songs are floating out there if you want to take a peek.

Stapleton’s breakout album, 2015’s Traveller remains a permanent fixture in the Top 10 of the Billboard Country Albums chart, resting at #7 this week. His From ‘A’ Room installments from 2017 also continue to fare well, but not nearly at that level. Since the From ‘A’ Room volumes were made up of material the public had mostly heard previously, it’s exciting to see Stapleton working with some new songs.

Though some began suffering from Stapleton burnout after all of his success after the 2015 CMA Awards, he remains an important figure to returning roots and substance to the mainstream, and the release of a new song and album would be an important moment—that is if we’re all still alive to witness it.

Stay safe my friends.

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