Clint Black Joins Cody Jinks, Ward Davis on “Nothing’s News”

There has been a very cool kismet forged between country legend Clint Black and Cody Jinks over the last few years. It was through Clint Black that Cody was able to make his Grand Ole Opry debut in 2019, and Cody ended up being featured on Clint Black’s song about the Opry “This Old House” from that same year.

Ever since, the two have been seen together quite commonly, including touring together for a period earlier this year. Cody regularly plays Clint Black songs as part of his set, and Clint Black commonly names off Cody Jinks as one in the crop of new artists keeping the country music flame alive.

Now the two have released a new collaboration, and it includes another Cody Jinks running buddy in Ward Davis. It’s a rendition of the Clint Black hit “Nothing’s News,” which was first released by Black in 1990. Written by Black himself, it was the fifth single from his landmark debut album Killin’ Time.

“Ward Davis and I were sitting in his van one night listening to Clint Black before a show when we decided we needed to record ‘Nothing’s News’,” Cody Jinks explains. “Then we decided we needed to call him and ask him to sing his own song with us. Not long after that we were put in touch with him and he said yes! Everyone knows how important Clint is to country music and I’m proud and thankful to have had him be so gracious and kind.”

Ward David tells the same story, just slightly different.

“About four years ago, me and Cody were sitting in my van listening to music, smoking things. Cody said, ‘We need to cut a song together.’ Right about then, that steel guitar on ‘Nothing’s News,’ started playing on the Spotify. We looked at each other, and it was decided. That was the song. The next morning I woke up excited and thinking…thinking. What If we could get Clint Black to sing on it….I won’t bore you with the rest, but calls were made, strings were pulled, and me and my friend and one of our heroes ended up recording this together. Pinch me, Natalie. No not there. Okay, there.”

The new version of “Nothing’s News” is now available everywhere. Listen below.

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