Cody Jinks Announces New Album “After The Fire”

photo: Brad Coolidge

Soaring traditional country music performer and songwriter Cody Jinks will have a new album coming on October 4th called After The Fire. The Ft. Worth, TX native let this little nugget of information slip out recently as he was announcing plans for a new fan club, putting folks on attention for yet another highly anticipated release for the 2nd half of 2019.

A first reported by Saving Country Music in late May, Cody Jinks is planning to release the new album with no record label at all. After releasing his first few records on his own, and receiving widespread critical acclaim and posting surprising numbers for his 2015 record Adobe Sessions, Jinks signed a deal with Thirty Tigers to release 2016’s I’m Not The Devil. The record became Cody’s breakout smash, selling over 70,000 copies at last count and racking up huge streaming numbers. This led to Cody Jinks signing with Rounder Records to release 2018’s Lifers. He’s decided to go it alone once again for After The Fire.

In late April, Cody Jinks shared numerous photos from the studio as he worked his way through recording new music, including a new song with the working title, “Tell ‘Em What It’s Like.” Once again Cody Jinks has chosen the Sonic Ranch complex out in West Texas near El Paso to record the new album. It is the same place Cody recorded Adobe Sessions, and the title is an homage to the secluded recording spot. Cody’s I’m Not The Devil and Lifers were recorded there as well. Jinks says he will head back into the studio on June 11th to finish the record up.

The Cody Jinks camp has also put fans on alert to “expect the unexpected” from the new release, and it might be tied to the new fan club. “Once the fan club is open for business, that’ll be the place to be if you want in on pre-sales. It’ll also be the place to be for a few surprises…” Cody Jinks says. And don’t worry, “expect the unexpected” is not some signal for a major shift in musical direction. Saving Country Music has been assured the new album is definitely country.

More information on After The Fire when it becomes available.

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