Cody Jinks Hints at 2021 Plans, and They are BIG

photo: Brad Coolidge

So much for 2021 being better than 2020, at least so far. But true country fans do have something to look forward to as Cody Jinks has dropped a couple of succulent hints about what he might have in store for 2020.

“Demos are done on 20 new songs. Now we just need to schedule some studio time,” Jinks tweeted out on Thursday, hinting how 2021 might have a new album on tap, if not two knowing Cody’s track record. We’ll have to see if he ends up heading out to the Sonic Ranch recording compound in West Texas where his last few records have been cut, or if he goes for a change of scenery this time. Stay tuned.

Then on the live front, about an hour later, Cody Jinks dropped the nugget, “We (as in each and every one of us) NEED to have a serious party in Las Vegas. I mean, like the roaring 20’s, but with colder beer and important stuff like that. I’ll make it happen. When and where and etc.. coming soon. Hint: December…”

Could this be the long-anticipated followup to Cody’s quite successful personally-curated Loud & Heavy Fest that happened in 2018 in his native Fort Worth, that saw other great artists like Whitey Morgan, Sunny Sweeney, Colter Wall, Whiskey Myers, Nikki Lane, Ward Davis and others all take the stage? He promised it would be coming back, but of course, COVID-19 sort of put a crimp in those plans. We’ll just have to see.

And don’t be surprised if between a big album, and a big event we don’t also see some side projects materialize. Cody Jinks hinted at all kinds of things he may have in store in August of last year, including a Lefty Frizzell tribute album, a rock EP, perhaps an acoustic album and another live album, all to go along with his recently-released Live at Red Rocks, which has been well-received. Not all of it may come about, but some of it might.

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