Cody Jinks Joins Casper McWade to Cover Alice in Chains

photos: Brad Coolidge / Chris Couture

For the benefit of a good cause, reigning Saving Country Music Artist of the Year Cody Jinks has joined forces with Oklahoma-based Outlaw country artist Casper McWade to cover the song “Don’t Follow” by Alice in Chains. Perfect for a country rendition since the original version written by Jerry Cantrell and released in 1994 was performed with acoustic guitars and underpinned by harmonica, Casper McWade hits this one out of the park with Cody’s assistance.

“Every dollar that we make from this is going to the Military Assistance Program,” says Casper. “Our military men and women need us right now. This COVID-19 thing is a big scare especially for out Veterans. We’re doing everything we can to help them out. You like Cody Jinks? You like Alice in Chains? You like Casper McWade? Let’s hope so.”

From Shawnee, Oklahoma, Casper is one of those artists that’s too rough-and-tumble for the Nashville scene or Texas/Red Dirt, but has garnered a following between the margins. Some may recognize his name as the co-writer on the song “Whiskey” recorded on Cody’s latest album The Wanting.

“It’s a beautiful song. It a beautifully tragic and painful song,” Cody Jinks says of “Don’t Follow.” “Super cool thing that Casper’s done. Very selfless act that Casper’s done that is hopefully gonna generate some things to help the men and women that come back that need assistance, because God bless them, they’ve been in some bad situations. Happy to be a part of that.”

In this difficult time, there are a lot of hands out looking for assistance, making it hard to know where best to be. But in this instance, all you have to do is listen or download to help out. The song is available On Spotify, on iTunes, and on Google Play, and/or watch the video below.

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