Cody Jinks’ “Somewhere in the Middle” Speaks to Connection with Fans

For many on the outside looking into the Cody Jinks phenomenon that has now seen the Fort Worth country singer and songwriter mint Platinum and Gold singles without any mainstream radio play—let alone amass a major fan base, some of whom identify themselves as “Flockers,” who live and breathe all things Cody—they may wonder how this all came about.

Early on, Cody Jinks did have some local support from radio station 95.9 The Ranch in Fort Worth, but that was about it. It was through heavy touring, and a deep connection with his fans from Cody’s songs themselves that secured such a strong and loyal fan base. Even blogs like Saving Country Music were behind the curve when it came to the Cody Jinks phenomenon.

If there was one song that helps illustrate the deep connection Cody Jinks makes with fans, it wouldn’t be his Platinum-selling “Loud and Heavy,” or the Gold-minted “Hippies & Cowboys.” Certainly, these songs helped increase Cody’s popularity. But it’s the song “Somewhere in the Middle” that speaks to the loyalty he enjoys from his fans. This is the song that perfectly encapsulates why Cody Jinks resonates with certain listeners so much.

Originally from his 2010 album Less Wise, “Somewhere in the Middle” doubles down on the working class mindset that so many of Cody’s fans identify with. Where so much of today’s “country” music either looks to offer an unrealistic escapism from average life, or ingratiate rural dwellers with such flattery that it borders on the ridiculous, Cody Jinks offers the perspective that there is nothing wrong with just being normal, or “in the middle,” and working hard for what you have. You shouldn’t expect less, but don’t get chasing your tail envying more, because there’s nothing wrong with what you have, or who you are.

In early December, Cody Jinks released the audio of the sold-out show he played at the legendary Red Rocks amphitheater in Colorado on July 13th, 2019 in Red Rocks Live (read review), as well as streamed the entire performance in a one-time online event. Jinks just released video of his “Somewhere in the Middle” performance from the Red Rocks concert, and with the shots of the crowd all singing along—pumping their fists and high-fiving each other, along Jinks’ mom and family singing along from the wings—it really underscores why this song and Cody Jinks make such a deep connection with so many.

When Cody Jinks takes the stage, he’s not a country music superstar entertaining fans in an audience, he’s one of them that struggled for years, pinballing between jobs while dirt poor just like many of his fans, who just happened to be foisted into a position of popularity through hard work and fate. Watching him perform “Somewhere in the Middle” to a packed venue of loyal fans helps put this into perspective.

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