Cody Johnson Overcomes Power Outage to Deliver Memorable Show

Cody Johnson is known for quite a few things when it comes to his live shows. He’s known for putting on one of the most energetic shows in country music. He’s known for keeping it country, without alienating more contemporary country fans either. And he’s known for stepping up on a soapbox when he feels so inclined, and speaking about politics, but not on one side or another, but how the political divide is ruining us all.

Fans who attended Cody’s show Saturday night, January 29th at the Appalachian Wireless Arena in Pikeville, Kentucky got all of that, and then some. What could have been a catastrophe turned out to be one of the most memorable performances Cody Johnson has ever given according to those in attendance.

Easton Corbin opened the show for Cody, and after Corbin’s set and right before Cody Johnson was ready to take the stage, a transformer blew in downtown Pikeville, cutting power to the arena and everywhere else to the city. As the arena went dark, everyone was worried the show would be over. But Cody Johnson had other plans.

“Power was lost to the entire area,” Cody Johnson fan Michael E. tells Saving Country Music. “But that didn’t stop Cody. He plugged his PA into his tour bus and played the first half of his show acoustically to a sold out crowd! It was incredible. And when the power came back on, he finished his set playing just as passionately as he always has. It was a very special night for him and for us, the fans.”

Though it’s been difficult to find video of Cody Johnson’s acoustic set (UPDATE: Some has been added, see below), the Senior Director of Sales and Marketing for the Appalachian Wireless Arena, Josh R. Kesler, confirmed to Saving Country Music what occurred, and how it was a Cody Johnson concert for the ages.

“We had a sold out Cody show,” says Kesler. “Yeah, it was a city wide power outage, and he let the fans know that he was not gonna leave. He was gonna give them a show, and he actually plugged up, and did some acoustic things. It was a pretty cool moment, one of those things you’ll never forget. We’re in the business of making memories, and we definitely made memories that night.”

Ian Munsick also appeared on the evening to sing his recent duet with Cody, “Long Live Cowgirls.”

Cody Johnson is also known for speaking up about the state of country music. “I saw somebody with a sign back there that said ‘Save Country Music,'” Cody said at a show in Highland Heights, KY on January 21st. Can we all agree on something? Country music doesn’t sound like country music anymore. It’s my life’s mission to change that.”

He then launched into his current single, ”Til You Can’t,” which was at #15 on the charts last week, and is likely to be one of his biggest hits so far, and may end up at #1 before it’s over.

Country is as country does, and since the beginning of his career, Cody Johnson has been going the extra mile for his fans, and for country music.

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