Colter Wall Partners with RCA, Plots New Album “Little Songs”

Cowboy & Western revivalist, and Canadian-based baritone singer Colter Wall is getting ready to release a new album. And if you need any further validation that it is a new day in Western music among a strong resurgence of interest in the genre, appreciate that apparently RCA Records came a-calling, and have partnered with Colter and his long-established La Honda Records for the release. When you take a peek at Colter Wall’s streaming numbers and the views on his videos, you understand why.

Called Little Songs and out on July 14th, the new album finds Colter Wall continuing to mature into his role as a force for the revitalization of Western music by paying tribute to past greats and the compositions they’ve left behind, while attempting to contribute to the canon of Western songs with his own expressions, taken expressly from his personal experiences.

Instead of spending time on a tour bus and eating catering backstage, Colter Wall has instead chosen to spend his time out on the range punching cattle and performing other cowboy duties, which puts him in touch with the lineage of Western music. This is one of the reasons he currently only has two live appearances on his schedule—Dusty Boots Festival in Denver on July 1st, and Under The Big Sky Fest on July 14th—when he could be selling out venues coast to coast.

Ahead of the album, Colter Wall has released his version of the Hoyt Axton song “Evangelina” (listen below). The album also has a version of Ian Tyson’s “The Coyote & The Cowboy.” Tyson passed away in late 2022. One of the knocks on Colter Wall in the past is that he’s relied too much on traditional material as opposed to his own. But that won’t be the case with Little Songs.

Eight of the ten tracks of the new album were written by Colter Wall himself. “These songs were written over the last three years. I penned most of them from home and I think the songs reflect that,” Colter Wall says—“home” being Battle Creek, Saskatchewan in the middle of the Canadian plains, close to the Alberta border. As Colter says in the title track, “You might not see a soul for days on them high and lonesome plains. You got to fill the big empty with little songs.” 

Similar to his 2020 album Western Swing & Waltzes, Colter Wall headed south of the border to Wimberly, Texas and the Yellow Dog Studios to record the new album, and co-produced the sessions with Patrick Lyons. Similar to country artists like Sturgill Simpson and Tyler Childers, Colter Wall’s embrace of Western music has inspired a host of other artists to do the same, helping to save this vital and elemental expression of North American roots music.

Little Songs is now available for pre-save/pre-order.

Track List:

Prairie Evening/Sagebrush Waltz (Colter Wall)
Standing Here (Colter Wall)
Corralling The Blues (Colter Wall)
The Coyote & The Cowboy (Ian Tyson)
Honky Tonk Nighthawk (Colter Wall)
For a Long While (Colter Wall)
Cow/Calf Blue Yodel (Colter Wall)
Little Songs (Colter Wall)
Evangelina (Hoyt Axton)
The Last Loving Words (Colter Wall)

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