Colter Wall Passed on Joe Rogan Because He Was Working a Ranch

We already knew that the biggest podcaster on the planet, and perhaps the biggest media personality in existence at the moment had an affinity for the music of Colter Wall. Joe Rogan has shared his love for Colter’s music on a number of occasions via social media. But what Saving Country Music is just now catching up with is the fact that Joe Rogan actually invited Colter Wall to be on the show, and get this: Colter Wall turned him down because he was too busy working on a ranch at the time.

“You want to hear how authentic this cat is? We tried to get him on the show. We contacted his agent. This is what the agent said: ‘He works as a ranch hand in Texas over the summer. And when he’s done, we’ll get a hold of you,'” Joe Rogan says.

The revelation came in a November 2020 interview between Joe Rogan and comedian Tom Green. Tom wore a Stetson into the Joe Rogan studio, and it inspired Joe to start reciting the words to Colter Wall’s song “13 Silver Dollars”—the first song from Colter Wall’s 2017 self-titled album.

“’13 Silver Dollars’ by Colter Wall. [He] talks about having a John B. Stetson. Wakes up in the snow in a ditch,” Joe Rogan says, and then recites the last verse word for word:

Well, I got my health, my John B. Stetson
Got a bottle full of Baby’s Blue Bird wine
And I left my stash somewhere down in Preston
Along with 13 silver dollars and my mind

“He was 21, and he has this song called ‘Kate McKannon,'” Rogan continues. “And you listen to it and you’d swear to God it’s an 80-year-old man who’s been drinking and smoking his whole life. It literally doesn’t make any sense. You hear the song and you’re like ‘What the Fu&%?'”

Like Colter Wall, Tom Green is Canadian, and Green’s grandparents met in the small town of Swift Current, where Colter Wall is from. Green has been traveling around North America in a van recently, and also recently released a country song called “Right Now Is The Right Time.” It’s … well … a country song from a comedian.

“So when an up-and-coming artists says they can’t come on The Joe Rogan Experience—the biggest podcast in all of the world—that must just make you want him to come on the show that much more,” Tom Green remarked. “It must make you like him so much more.”

“No listen, I love his music, but I love authenticity,”
Rogan responded. “So if that’s who he is … whenever he wants to, he can come here.”

Perhaps Colter Wall will come on when he releases new music. Colter recently said on Instagram, “I’m here to tell ya, LaHonda Records, the band and myself having been cooking up a new project! Keep your ear to the ground.”

Stay tuned.

Joe Rogan has previously had Sturgill Simpson on the podcast numerous times, as well as Chris Stapleton, Shooter Jennings, and touted Tyler Childers.

You can see the exchange below.

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