Comedian GOES OFF About the Genius of Colter Wall

Nail. On. Head.

If you frequent this dark, moldy corner of the internet, you don’t need anyone to clue you into who Colter Wall is, or convince you of his genius. The reigning Saving Country Music Artist of the Year reigns supreme in your musical ethos already. But despite all the high-profile endorsements Colter Wall has enjoyed over the years and the enthusiasm his fans have for him, the Saskatchewan-native is still a relative unknown.

Even though that’s a shame due to Colter’s superb musical talent, it also presents a possibility. All folks have to do is hear him, and they’re hooked. Hearing Colter Wall for the first time is such a life changing experience, it’s something that you wish you could go back and experience again. Watching people’s reactions to hearing Colter Wall for the first time is it’s own spectator sport.

The gymnastics and frenetic gesticulations your brain goes through when it first hears Colter Wall was illustrated perfectly recently by comedian, actor, and motivational speaker Josh Pray, who went off on Colter Wall’s genius in a 3+-minute video.

“I’m convinced y’all just don’t want to enlighten me on what’s going on in the country music scene,” Josh Pray starts off, and in some respects, that’s true. You won’t hear Colter Wall on mainstream radio, or see him on the CMA Awards. He’s not included in mainstream playlists, even though he’s arguably one of the best country singers of this generation, if not the best.

“You know the sound when a woman arches her back and says yes she’s ready? That’s Colter Wall’s voice,” Josh Prays says. “When the microwave go ‘boop boop’ and your food just hot enough, that’s Colter Wall’s voice. When you go to the ATM and you stick your card in there, and that money start going ‘drrrrrrrr,’ cause you know that money coming out and your card didn’t get declined, that’s Colter Wall’s voice.”

Josh Pray says everything we all feel about Colter Wall, but struggle to put into words. He even picks up on the recent change in Colter’s voice to a more normalized tone, and the falsetto Colter uses on the song “Cowpoke” from his most recent album Western Swing & Waltzes and Other Punchy Songs.

“This is country music,” Josh Pray concludes. “He is a genre of music by himself. You’ve got soft country, you’ve got hard country, you’ve got original country, and then you’ve got Colter Wall country. People just need to follow the leader. He is the line leader … Colter Wall, you got no choice but to lead lines, because you’re gonna be a leader your whole life.”

Josh Pray also has videos on Cody Jinks, Aaron Watson and Cody Johnson, and other country acts.

Colter Wall and the Scary Prairie Boys have a live stream called “LIVE in front of nobody scheduled for March 11th. For more info, CLICK HERE.

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