Connie Smith Announces New Marty Stuart-Produced Album

photo: Alysse Gafkjen

Country Music Hall of Famer and Grand Ole Opry member Connie Smith is getting ready to release her first new record in a decade, and one thing is for sure, it’ll be country. Called The Cry of the Heart, once again her husband Marty Stuart will be the producer, and will be released by Fat Possum Records on August 20th.

“People ask me, ‘What is country music?’” says Smith. “I say, ‘To me, country music is the cry of the heart.’ We all have these experiences in our hearts and I’m trying to identify and communicate with people so they know they’re not alone.”

Commencing her career with the eight-week #1 single “Once a Day” in 1964 that was recently selected by the Library of Congress for the National Song Registry, Connie Smith has since released some 50-plus records. But recently her output has slowed down. It was hearing the song “I Just Don’t Believe Me Anymore” by Dallas Frazier that inspired Connie to get back into the studio, and record some country music. Connie Smith has cut a whopping 72 Dallas Frazier songs in her career.

“Here’s what I learned about loving and living and working with Connie,” producer Marty Stuart says. “She makes a record when she’s ready and nothing pushes her in that direction until she’s in the mood and space to do it and the songs are right. One day, a Dallas Frazier song drifted in, and all of a sudden she had that look in her eye, and it was time to go!”

So Marty Stuart assembled a crack band of musicians, including piano player Hargus “Pig” Robbins who’s collaborated with Connie throughout her career, and who Connie calls her “secret weapon” (they also were inducted into the Hall of Fame together in 2012). Steel guitar player Gary Carter also came on board to play an essential role. Connie says, “If I were an instrument, I’d want to be a steel guitar.”

And of course you also have Marty Stuart playing guitar, along with co-writing numerous originals with Connie for the record. “We’ve had such a great time,” says Connie, “We’ve written 40 or 50 songs. We’ve been together long enough now that we’re starting to think alike … Marty hears everything. He’s a great arranger and producer.”

You hear that great arrangement, production, and the signature Marty Stuart sound on the first song from the album called “Look Out Heart” (listen below). The Cry of the Heart is now available for pre-order.


  1. A Million And One
  2. Look Out Heart
  3. Spare Me No Truth
  4. To Pieces
  5. All The Time
  6. I Just Don’t Believe Me Anymore
  7. Three Sides
  8. I’m Not Over You
  9. Here Comes My Baby Back Again
  10. Heart, We Did All That We Could
  11. Jesus, Take A Hold
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