Corb Lund’s New Song Is About A Hunting Trip with Evan Felker

photo: Brad Coolidge // c/o Corb Lund

Canadian country and Western singer Corb Lund just announced he will be releasing a new album on April 24th called Agricultural Tragic, and ahead of the record, he’s released a new song called “90 Seconds of Your Time.” Corb alluded with the release of the song that it was based on a true story, and now we know just how true that story is.

“We were on a 10 day elk hunt deep, deep in the mountains in Idaho with my friend Evan Felker from Turnpike Troubadours. And on day #8, we came back from hunting to find that all of our animals had been untied, and they were gone in the middle of nowhere,” Lund explains about the song. “And we still to this day don’t know if they came untied, or if some territorial hunters untied them. But the chances of four or five of them getting untied on their own is really slim.” 

Lund is know in part for finding little slices of life and making them into songs, and “90 Seconds of Your Time” is a good example.

“We spent the next two days of the hunt instead of tracking elk, we were tracking our own horses and mules, and this Army Ranger friend of ours who was helping us with the hunt was kind of better off in the woods (laughing). He’s walking around with a big .44 Magnum telling us how great it’s going to be to find these animals in somebody else’s camp. And he knows this country so well, we can bury these guys and they’ll never be found.”

Now granted, Corb Lund is a pretty rugged dude himself as a multi generation cattle rancher in the Canadian Rocky Mountains of Alberta, but even this was a little too much him to deal with.

“So I said, ‘Curt [or Kurt?], I need 90 seconds of your time, because I need to find out if we’re going to really kill people here because I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in American prison as an accessory to murder.’ So he assured me, he said, ‘Aw, we’ll just shoot them in the leg.’ So that somehow made it better.”

Though Corb is from Canada, he’s always been considered an honorary member of the Texas/Red Dirt scene, and tours through the region often. Corb also spoke up for Evan Felker and the Turnpike Troubadours last year as the band began to unravel due to numerous show cancellations. “Leave those boys alone. They’re my favorite band,” Corb said from the stage at Mile 0 Fest, 2019.

No new updates on Evan Felker at the moment, but some have put him at least at certain times in the State of Idaho where the story behind “90 Seconds of Your Time” took place. Felker also mentions Idaho in his recent single “Whiskey In Your Water.”

Corb Lund’s Agricultural Tragic is out April 3rd.

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