DJ Bobby Bones Gets Into Feud with Kacey Musgraves

kacey-musgraves-bobby-bones-2A few weeks ago Saving Country Music posted a feature on Clear Channel country DJ Bobby Bones—the young, hip cash cow for Clear Channel’s Nashville-based WSIX radio station that is syndicated to 50+ radio markets across the country, making him the de facto face of country music radio’s rapid consolidation at the hand of large media companies. Bones was also the man to replace long-time, legendary WSIX DJ Gerry House, making Bones the symbol to many as the changing of the guard from old to new behind the country radio microphone.

Bobby Bones has been a polarizing figure from the beginning, but just ratcheted up a notch by getting in a public battle with Kacey Musgraves over the last few days through Twitter. Musgraves conducted an interview with Bobby Bones on November 5th, the day before the 2013 CMA Awards, like many of the artists that performed or that were up for awards or in attendance did. According to Bones, the interviews were conducted in a rapid-fire succession, and sometimes he didn’t even know who the artists were he was interviewing.

When it was Kacey Musgraves’ turn, apparently she entered the interview area not through the normal entrance. The interview lasted roughly 1 1/2 minutes, and never aired in full on The Bobby Bones Show. However Bobby did take about 20 seconds of the interview, and used it as part of a segment he called, “Is Kacey Musgraves Annoyed?” The segment basically lampoons Kacey as being rude, uninterested, and awkward.

On Monday (1-13) Bobby Bones tweeted, “Will @KaceyMusgraves ever respond to my tweets. Enter your answer now; A: yes, B: no,” with Kacey Musgraves responding, “If you’d play our original interview in full and tell people how you unfairly re-edited it I might think about talking to you.” Bobby Bones then responded, “I did play the thing in full. I just played OVER AND OVER when you were rude.”

Listening to the entire “Is Kacey Musgraves Annoyed?” segment from The Bobby Bones Show and then watching the video of the interview, it is clear that Bobby Bones did not play the interview in its entirety. (see below)

Bobby Bones then seemed to offer an olive branch to Kacey, saying, “Im a fan. Ive had 2 miserable experiences with you. we both are known shit heads. we should be friends instead,” but then followed it up with the combative, “dont honor me with ‘think about talking to you’. like Im a peasant. you aren’t any better of a human than anyone else.”

Subsequently Kacey Musgraves has responded with:

I normally wouldn’t take part in this kinda stuff but since it’s gotten outta hand: The original interview that audio was taken from, unfairly edited, and played on air can be found through the link on this page (see below. Watch it for yourself. For the record: I am a songwriter and a musician. That’s what I’ve been passionate about my entire life and it’s really sad that the focus got taken away from that. Above all- I’m human. Not a robot. Especially at 8 AM. I don’t stroke egos and that doesn’t make me a “shit head.” When you hear the music that means so much to me to make, that’s all that should matter.

—=Video of Original Interview=—

Audio of “Is Kacey Musgraves Annoyed?” Segment:

UPDATE (1-14-14 7:00 PM CST): Bobby Bones has posted a note to Kacey:

I shouldn’t have called us both “shit heads”. I should have called me a “shit head” and you “slightly stubborn” haha. I really am a fan, and have said so numerous times on my show. For the record, there was no editing involved in any segment. For comedy purposes, we played back parts of the interview over and over. Parts that we thought were extremely funny, and even parts that were self deprecating.

That’s what I’m paid to do, entertain. Much like you. Sometimes you hit Sometimes you miss Sometimes, you do both at the same time. Which seems to be the case here. We’re both similar people. both working with a mentality and culture that we love so much and also agree could use a little social change.. And that way I admire your voice. Not just your physical one, but your intellectual one.

I will remain a fan, and maybe one day we can talk it out like real homies, and not Twitter warriors fighting with our keys. However, I am a much better fighter on my keyboard. Or we can write songs about each other. I bet mine is funnier! would love to see you soon. Id Sting and Lex Lugar can come together as one. Im sure one day you and I can too. I also bet 100 dolloars you will win best new artist at the Grammys. Don’t let me down.

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