Dogs and Country Music

What do dogs have to do with country music? Well, not much really, but more than you might think.

When I first started this thing, I was amazed how many people involved in dog rescue contacted me, especially people involved with rescuing and rehabilitating pit bulls. Like one of my readers pointed out a few blogs ago, country is not just music, it is a way of life. And it seems that way of life a lot of times involves a kinship and respect for dogs and animals in general.

This is especially true for Hank Williams III. On June 10, Hank III will be playing a one-off show in Franklin, TN, at The Factory in support of Wednesday Night Wags, an event that helps support no kill animal rescue.

And no, Hank III is not working off community service time, this is a passion of his. On his personal MySpace page, Hank III has a picture gallery of dogs he’s helped find a home for. Here is them man himself, talking more about his “hobby” as he calls it:

It is clear that Hank III takes pet ownership and rescue very seriously. One of his most famous dogs is Trooper.

I think the way a person treats animals is a sign of character. No I’m not trying to convince anyone to become a vegan, but I will say that I am proud to see so much enthusiasm, and at times leadership, for responsible pet ownership by so many people in the REAL country movement.

Hank III dog

They say dog smell a good person miles away.

So what do you think? Share your dog or pet stories, pictures, etc.

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