Fund Established to Help Stabbed Moonrunners Security Guard

On Friday April 25th at Reggie’s Music Joint in Chicago, security guard Joe Seleb, aka “Joe Kid” was brutally stabbed by a transient just outside the establishment while working security for the Moonrunners Festival.  The stabbing happened at about 9:15 PM, and resulted in Seleb being rushed to Northwestern Hospital in Chicago where he underwent major surgery and required 40 staples to repair his abdomen. As can be seen from the pictures, the vertical slash did serious damage to the 26-year-old, and he is currently unable to work while he recovers from his injuries.

In lieu of regular income, and with medical expenses accumulating, a fund has been set up to help Joe Seleb through Go Fund Me. “An unfortunate turn of events that ended up with major surgery, 40 staples in his abdomen, and unable to work his labor intensive jobs.  These jobs offer no medical insurance and Joe faces some serious medical bills.  He has a young daughter to support as well,” reads the campaign description.

The 24-year-old transient that stabbed Joe Seleb also sustained major injuries in the incident and was also transported to Northwestern Hospital. According to Chicago Police, the transient was initially placed in custody pending charges, but was eventually released when Seleb decided to not press charges in the incident.

Saving Country Music has also reached out to friends of the transient to attempt to determine his condition, and hope to have a report on him in the coming days. According to eyewitness accounts, the transient sustained facial and other undisclosed injuries, and was listed in serious condition at Northwest Hospital after the incident. Because no formal charges were filed, the transient’s name has not been made available through Chicago Police.

Joe Seleb Go Fund Me Campaign

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