Halloween with Unknown Hinson

Hank Williams III is not gonna get a tattoo of you on his arm unless you got some skins on the wall.

For Halloween Unknown Hinson is releasing a new live album Live & Undead. It is available at www.unknownhinson.com.

300-Year-Old Vampire & King of Country and Western Troubadors:

Underrated, Amazing Guitar Slinger:

Head Sqidbilly:

Speaking of scary, check out this slaughter of an old country great perpetrated by none other than Everlast:

The Hank III Coalition has a great blog about this. I first heard about it on Tim Pop, whose brand new band Switchblade Justice plays their first gig tonight in DeeTroit at the Belmont.

Man, this is an abomination of the highest order.

I’d rather find a turd in a taffy wrapper than to watch that.

I’d rather watch a werewolf take a dump on the face of my dead grandfather.

Happy Halloween.

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