Hank III Disses New White Family Movie

The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia MovieBut he admits he has never watched it.

Hank Williams III appears in The Wild & Wonderful Whites of West Virginia in commentary scenes, as well as in music performances with Jesco White shot outside of Hank Jr’s cabin. But in a video interview with “Superskum,” he said about the project:

“Well I really don’t support that movie man. I mean, they promoted more the dark side–the addiction, the bad stuff–they didn’t really promote the creative side of the Whites. And this is no disrespect to Jesco and the family at all. Its more of the people that made it should have concentrated a little bit more on the creativity, and the good vibes that the White family bring to the table. Yeah, we all have problems with addiction, but they made that a little too dark for me. I’ve only seen a couple of clips of it, just enough to rub me raw.” (see the full interview below)

When the promo for the white movie first came out (which includes a brief appearance from Hank III), some people wondered if the movie exploits the Whites. Some have also cited Johnny Knoxville’s involvement in the movie as a concern, though Knoxville was mostly a behind-the-scenes business-arena partner, and did not participate in the filming, directing, or on-site production.

I had my own concerns about the movie promo when it came out, but cautioned it was just an advertising tool to garner interest in the movie, and that we should wait to see the full movie before passing judgment. The film earned a favorable review from me once I had a chance to see it, and in my opinion, it was not as exploitative as possibly the promo video might imply.

Have YOU seen the movie? What is YOUR opinion?

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