Hank Williams III: “The Systematic Elimination of Hank3 Will Be Over Soon.”

photo: Bill Ebbesen

It’s been some 3 1/2 years since Hank Williams III has played a live show, and since 2013 that he’s released new music, leaving many to wonder where the 3rd generation performer has disappeared to. As Saving Country Music explained in January of 2016, Hank3 was forced to move out of his long-time home and base camp in East Nashville known affectionately as the Haunted Ranch, which at the time put a dent in his ability to record and tour.

“Been having to rebuild camp,” Hank3 said as he co-hosted a satellite radio show with Alamo Jones from the famous Jack Clement Cowboy Arms Hotel and Recording Spa in Nashville in early 2016. “No camp, no war. So once the camp is officially taken care of, we’ll be back in the trenches … Musical gear and all that stuff just piles up. You hold on to everything … First thing we’ll do when it’s not even half way set up, we’ll try to do a run, just to see what crew is gonna make it back, and who’s not, and all that fun stuff. But it’s around the corner for us.”

Hank3 also explained at the time that his long-time touring dog Trooper had recently passed away.

But that was all now over two years ago. We then heard from Hank3 again in February of 2017 when he won the Ameripolitan Award for Best Outlaw Male. Though he did not appear at the awards, he did send a video in accepting the award, and finished it with the salutation, “I’ll be seeing y’all on down the road real soon.” That was over a year ago now.

At this point, concern has turned to fear for some fans, and apathy for others as Hank3’s public persona has gone virtually dormant, aside from here and there posts for certain charitable causes that he may champion via social media. So what’s happening?

One issue is apparently the new location that Hank3 moved to after leaving the Haunted Ranch was full of problems, and ultimately did not work out. This necessitated Hank3 having to pack up again and make another move, which has delayed his ability to get back on the road again, or record/release new music. But there also may be other factors in play according to some very rare responses tabulated on Twitter by a fan who reached out. Though Hank3 very rarely responds to these types of inquiries these days, he did in this case.

“Checking in,” said James Lescott on Twitter. “Letting you know the world needs you more than ever, that is if the world and I are the same. Damn I miss your shows. I miss your records. Still got most of them on repeat of course. (not curb issued of course) What ever is going on, we love ya.”

Hank3’s very rare response was,

“Just Know I did not want to stop touring or making records. Basically for now they have taken away everything on every level that I need to be able to do both. The Systematic Elimination Of Hank3 will be over soon. Remember I was the guy who would put out 4 records at once even though that approach made less money and would bring the longest show for the cheapest ticket price out there for a National act shaking every hand after and sign every autograph. Here’s to pre organized haters.”

Hank3 was on Twitter at the time advocating for fans to donate money and tools to internationally known Cajun accordion maker Larry Miller, whose workshop was mostly destroyed in a fire recently.

Beyond the above information, not much is known about Hank3’s status, when he might commence touring again, or release new music. Saving Country Music has reached out numerous times to get more details, but has been told Hank3 wants to remain private, though he does have some stuff in the works, and for folks to stay tuned.

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