Hank Williams Jr.’s Wife Mary Jane Died in Elective Surgery Accident

Hank Williams Jr. / Sam Williams / Mary Jane Thomas / Katie Williams

Mary Jane Thomas, who Hank Williams Jr. married in 1990, died due to complications of a plastic surgery procedure, according to the Palm Beach County Medical Examiner’s autopsy report. The official cause of death was ruled as “Pneumothorax due to perforated parietal pleura during liposuction with autologous fat reinjection procedure,” and is characterized in the autopsy report as an accident. She died on March 22nd, 2022.

The Medical Examiner determined that Mary Jane’s lung had been punctured by the surgeon during the elective procedure at Bafitis Plastic Surgery in Jupiter, Florida, and that the lung later collapsed while she was in recovery. The procedure was to transfer fat as part of a breast lift following breast implant removal.

Though after the surgery on March 21st, Mary Jane’s vitals were all normal and she was released from the facility at around 7:00 PM, the next day while recovering at the Jupiter Beach Resort and Spa, she became unresponsive. At around 5:00 PM, a call was made to authorities. Mary Jane was transported to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead. The elective surgery procedure had been cleared by Mary Jane’s local physician prior.

Mary Jane Thomas was a native of Dayton Beach, Florida. After attending college, she became a model, and among other gigs, became known for her work with Hawaiian Tropic Lotion. Mary Jane met Hank Williams Jr. in 1985 after a concert in Washington State. They were together for five years before marrying on July 2nd, 1990 at the University Congregational Church in Missoula, Montana. It was Mary Jane’s first marriage, and Hank Jr.’s fourth.

In 2007, the couple announced they would seek a divorce after sixteen years of marriage, but later reconciled, and called off the annulment. Mary Jane preferred to remain out of the spotlight after the marriage, rarely appearing in red carpet engagements and other public functions, r appearing on social media posts from the family. However, Mary Jane Thomas did appear at Hank Jr.’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony on November 21st, 2021.

The couple had two children—Sam Williams, who is also a music performer, and Katherine Williams-Dunning, a.k.a. Katie, who passed away on June 13th, 2020 in a vehicle accident.

The death of Mary Jane Thomas was the latest tragedy in a string of unfortunate incidents for Hank Williams Jr.’s family, including the death of daughter Katie in 2020. Hank Jr.’s daughters Hilary and Holly Williams from his marriage to Becky White were both severely injured in an auto accident in 2006, with Hilary going into cardiac arrest and having to be flown by helicopter to the hospital.

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