Hank3 Speaks Out After Friend Brodie Wilkinson III is Murdered

photo: Bill Ebbesen

The often quiet and reclusive Hank Williams III is speaking out after a friend of his named Brodie Wilkinson III was killed in a bizarre murder at the hands of three individuals trespassing on his family’s property.

On Saturday afternoon, October 6th, 22-year-old Brodie Wilkinson III drove to a portion of his family farm in Robertson County, Tennessee near Springfield where two men and a woman were congregated. Wilkinson asked the individuals to leave, and when they refused, he called the police, and then began driving away from the scene, not wanting to get in a confrontation with the individuals.

According to Brodie Wilkinson III’s mother Olivia Wilkinson, after Brodie pulled away from the trespassers, the three individuals started coming toward him in one of their vehicles, causing Brodie to take out his phone and begin to document the altercation on Snapchat. After passing each other, the trespassers pulled off the road and shot at Brodie, striking him in the back, and causing Brodie to crash on the side of the road. Neighbors said they heard two guns shots from the trespassers.

At 2:30 pm, police officers began to receive calls about an automobile accident on Highway 76E near Possum Trot Road. When they arrived on the scene they found Wilkinson III’s vehicle had rolled over, and that Wilkinson was dead. Police discovered that Wilkinson had been shot in the back, shifting the accident scene to a homicide investigation.

After a preliminary investigation, arrests warrants were issued for Daniel Blake Scott, 28, Darick A. Hinerman, 25, and Jennifer Henning, 23, who were apprehended and arrested about 1 a.m. Sunday, and booked into the Robertson County Jail on first-degree murder charges.

“It just still don’t seem real though, you know?” Olivia Wilkinson told Fox 17 in Nashville. “I feel like he’s just going to drive right up at any time, you know? These people don’t realize what they’ve taken; they’ve taken a gift from God. What I want for the man, for the coward, that shot my son in the back, yeah, you need the death penalty. I don’t want to pay for you to sit in jail and eat, and get a shower and watch TV.”

On Monday evening (10-15), Hank Williams III posted a video tribute to Brodie Wilkinson III with Mazzy Star’s “Look On Down From the Bridge” playing in the background. He also included a message in the description, asking why the alleged murderer was “sent” to Tennessee. “This is something I put together for a friend of mine who was shot in the back for telling people they are trespassing on his family property,” Hank3 said about the video. “R.I.P Brodie III. The Second chapter will soon [be] in the courts.”

Daniel Scott, Jennifer Henning, and Darick Hinerman have all been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Brodie Wilkinson III.

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