Hank3’s Instagram Account Spoofed – False Information Posted

Fans of Hank Williams III were sent into a tizzy on Wednesday (12-5) after a couple of Instagram posts from the 3rd generation performer emerged unexpectedly after a 2 1/2-year hiatus on the format. It also comes after a protracted period where Hank3 has not been touring, and has been virtually out of the public spotlight aside from a few collaborations.

“As a way to repay my followers that stuck by me during my absence, I am going to be doing something called the Risin’ Outlaw showcase,” said one post that included a picture of Hank3 with David Allan Coe. “Send me a message showing me your music and you may be featured on it. I will be doing them a few times a week.”

Unfortunately though, this is not a missive coming from Hank3. Not only did the message look suspicious, it also wasn’t simulcast on either Hank3’s Facebook or Twitter accounts—his preferred method of communication. Instead, it’s the result of a spoof of his Instagram account. Another post of him posing in one of his famous grandfather’s suits with the caption, “Holy shit been a while, huh?” posted earlier on Wednesday is also not Hank 3.

Saving Country Music reached out to Hank3’s manager/lawyer Patrick Files, who verified the posts were spoofs. Further concerning is that the posts are asking people to send personal information, which they shouldn’t do for security purposes. Patrick Files says he is working to get the posts removed.

As for what Hank3 has been up to, he emerged in October to speak up about the murder of his friend Brodie Wilkinson III’s at the hands of trespassers. Earlier this year, he also appeared on a DevilDriver tribute record to Outlaw country.

More Hank3 updates when they come available.

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