Hayes Carll Announces New Album “What It Is”

photo: David McClister

Hayes Carll will have new music in 2019. His sixth record will be called What It Is, and will be released on February 15th via Dualtone Records. It will feature the return of Hayes working with producer Brad Jones, who also produced Carll’s 2008 breakout Trouble In Mind, and his 2011 followup KMAG YOYO. The new album was recorded at Alex the Great Studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

Carll’s fiance, and fellow singer/songwriter Allison Moorer also worked as a co-producer and co-writer on the record. “On the songwriting front she’s just a pro,” Hayes says. “She helps me cut through the noise and she does it with wit and style.”

Other songwriting collaborators include Matraca Berg, Charlie Mars, Adam Landry, and Lolo. After Carll’s 2016 album Lovers and Leavers set a decidedly more sedated, singer songwriter tone compared to his previous works, What It Is is said to stretch out a little bit more, re-connecting with Carll’s rock bone, and re-instituting some of his sharp wit.

“Repeating myself creatively would ultimately leave me empty. Covering new ground, exploring, and taking chances gives me juice and keeps me interested,” Hayes says. “I want to dig in so this life doesn’t just pass me by. The more engaged I am the more meaning it all has. I want that to be reflected in the work.”

Ahead of the release, Hayes Carll has made the song “None’Ya” available, which is short for “None of your damn business.” Carll says the song is about Allison Moorer. What It Is is now available for pre-order.

Track List:

  1. None’Ya
  2. Times Like These
  3. Things You Don’t Wanna Know
  4. If I May Be So Bold
  5. Jesus and Elvis
  6. American Dream
  7. Be There
  8. Beautiful Thing
  9. What It Is
  10. Fragile Men
  11. Wild Pointy Finger
  12. I Will Stay

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