I Heart Curb Records (A Rant)

You seriously gotta love Curb Records.

Not only because they are blowing thousands of dollars on a protracted lawsuit so they don’t have to release the great Shelton Hank III’s new album, when the could be SELLING it and MAKING money, but they’re also such a big bloated business bureaucracy they have no friggin’ clue what’s going on right under their noses.

If you were to sum up the whole point of what I’m doing into two words, they would be:


Yet they willingly accepted me as a MySpace ‘friend’ and continue to let me, along with my cohorts, leave comments asking about the new Hank III album.

And yes, I did put Curb as one of my top friends to be funny and to prove a point, so quit emailing me, wondering if I’ve fallen off the wagon.

Have you ever had a problem with something, maybe something you bought, or a service you get, and then you call the company who is responsible and it becomes so clear that their head is so firmly ensconced up their ass that you want to throw the phone through the wall and shoot things? That its so clearly evident that the right hand doesn’t’ t know what the fuck the left hand is doing that their cubicle farm should be fumigated with lethal gas?

This my friends, is Curb Records.

I’m guessing the person that is responsible for managing their MySpace site is some metrosexual douche bag intern with frosted hair tips and waxed eyebrows who wouldn’t know how to swing a hammer, tune a guitar, or pull a trigger if his ass depended on it.

Wow, I’m kind of angry.

Other evidence that Curb Records is a bunch of fucktards is the fact that THEIR numero uno MySpace friend is none other than Hank III. Um isn’t Curb Records supposed to be mad at Hank III because his new album whizzes all over the Grand Ole Opry and the Nashville oligarchy that you signify?

What a bunch of lightweights.

Another thing is that when you go to their website, CURB.COM, on the very first page you can see the picture of Hank III’s new album right beside the rest of the ‘New Release’ pop country bullshit. If you’re gonna be hating on Hank III, and are not going to release the album, at least be consistent. But the fact of the matter is that they don’t even know that his album is showing up there, because they’re too busy airbrushing LeAnn Rimes’s horse face and trying to make Clay Walker look like he doesn’t like to fondle little boys.

No offense to Clay Walker, I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but he does look like a patter ass.


And if you’re worried that I’m tipping of Curb, please see above paragraph that starts with ‘You seriously gotta love Curb records.’

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PSS: If you’re wondering what the ‘frosted hair tips’ are that I referenced earlier, check them out on Curb recording artist Jonathan Pierce:


This is country music? I just threw up into my fucking keyboard.

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