Jake Orvis New Album “It’s All Been Said”

Jayke OrvisJayke “Goddamn” Orivs, (a name I coined, thank you very much) formerly of the .357 String Band and now of The Goddamn Gallows, has finally set a hard and fast release date of June 29th for his solo project called It’s All Been Said. Originally there had been some chatter about it being released in late April.

The record is being released through the newly-formed Farmageddon Records which is the new baby of Darren, a long time roots music promoter from Montana. The album is also going to be released on a 500 run of limited edition vinyl, with the first 100 albums being gold vinyl. The album will be able to be purchased at the currently under construction (pardon the dust) “newrootsorder.com.”

The other players on the album primarily consist of JB Beverley & The Wayward Drifters members, including JB, Banjer Dan, and Johnny Lawless. Also appearing is James Hunnicutt.

Also on June 29th, Farmageddon Records will be releasing a 7″ 45 of the Goddamn Gallows LIVE including the songs “Ya’ll Motherfuckers Need Jesus” and “Waitin’ Around To Die.” This will be a limited 1000 vinyl run. Then in August they are releasing a 7 song EP split with The Goddamn Gallows, and Gary Lindsey’s band Black Eyed Vermillion.

Darren of Farmageddon will be appearing on the next show of the White Trash Revival Podcast, so make sure to check that out as well.

Here’s the Jayke Orvis “It’s All Been Said” cover, and you can hear some songs from the album on Jayke’s MySpace.

Jayke Orvis It's All Been Said Album Cover

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