Jamie Lin Wilson and Jaime Wyatt Forge Friendship & Collaboration

I got a sense when seeing these two interact this year down at Mile 0 Fest in Key West, Florida that some sort of kismet had been discovered, some kinship had formed between these two. It only makes sense that native Texan and songwriter Jamie Lin Wilson, and California native turned honky tonk queen Jaime Wyatt would find a level of camaraderie. They both are great songwriters, and they’re both kicking ass as women in what is often a man’s world.

We’re all the beneficiaries of their friendship as they have announced a co-headlining tour that they say is going to be a collaborative effort with a lot of unique wrinkles. At the moment it’s only for four dates in Texas this August, but it nonetheless it feels a little momentous that these two ladies have decided to pair up for this mini super tour.

“It has been two years since I’ve had a tour through Texas and I am thrilled to be back in front of those audiences,” Wyatt says. “Music lovers in Texas are like none other and I am excited to return to the stage with my friend Jamie Lin Wilson. Jamie is a woman who inspires and supports me! We have some very unique and special things planned for each show. It’s so rare you see a woman headlining a county show and even more so with two, so I am really excited to be doing this with her!”

Stopping off in Austin, New Braunfels, Dallas, and Houston, expect some interesting stuff you might otherwise not see from these two individually.

“I’ve been a fan of Jaime’s for so long and I’ve been wishing for a way to collaborate,” Wilson says. “And now I get to learn her songs and bring a full band into the fold! I’m very excited to get to share these shows with her and bring a whole new show to these cities.”

So keep your i’s in the right place, and go see Jamie and Jaime if you have the opportunity. And though there’s never been any confirmation, when these two are not touring together, I’m pretty sure they moonlight as a superhero duo called J&J that fights crime and foils would-be international terrorist plots.

Thursday, August 5 // Austin, TX // Stateside at the Paramount
Friday, August 6 // New Braunfels, TX // Freiheit Country Store
Saturday, August 7 // Dallas, TX // Mama Tried Deep Ellum
Sunday, August 8 // Houston, TX // The Heights Theater

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