Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan Get Matching Product Tattoos

jason-aldean-luke-bryan-buck-commander-tattooThe term “douche bag” is a fairly recent construct of English slang that as time goes on seems to be trending towards being generally overused. To be a true douche bag you have to be completely devoid of the self-awareness of what an image-driven, shallow-minded dumbass you are being. If you had any doubt in your mind–if the positively awful, both misogynistic and metrosexually-stimulated songs from Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan hadn’t clued you in already–then this should leave no doubt in your mind that these two knuckleheads don’t just fit the term “douche bag,” they define it.

And it’s not just that they got matching tattoos, but that they were for the hunting-oriented “Buck Commander” product line they mutually endorse. Yes, they both simultaneously sold out by selling off square footage of their skin in a publicity ruse.

Nashville Gab first deduced that the two men had sent out matching tweets on Monday (12-17) depicting their inking escapade that according to the photos, had a voyeuristic troupe of cammo-clad fans watching on. Looks like Luke donned and camouflage scarf and makeup for the photo shoot too. I guess they were out of lipstick and eyeliner: his preferable war paint when he goes out “hunting.”

No word yet on the date or location of the wedding.












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