Jesse Daniel Announces New Album “Countin’ The Miles”

photo: Jody Domingue

Jesse Daniel is one bad country music-making hombre. He’s not looking for any handouts or to cut in any lines. Everything he earns he wants to be from the callouses on his hands and the sweat from his brow as he proves himself worthy of every dollar he earns and every clap from the crowd. That’s the sworn commitment he’s made to himself as a former drug addict who’s used country music to rehabilitate himself and find his path on the straight and narrow.

That path has led him to becoming one of country music’s most hardest working and beloved traditionalists in the independent sphere, while the rest of the world is quickly taking notice. As Jesse Daniel’s fourth album overall and his first for New West imprint Lightning Rod Records, he’s announced Countin’ The Miles that comes highly anticipated ahead of its June 7th release.

For the first time, Jesse Daniel will take the reigns as producer of the 11-song set, which was recorded in Austin, TX at the legendary Arlyn Studios. It was recorded during breaks in Daniel’s nearly 200 days per year tour schedule, hence the title.

Along for the ride is an impressive list of collaborators, including the elusive yet highly talented Ben Haggard, country songwriting and producing legend Jon Randall, fiddle player Gene Elders of George Strait’s Ace in the Hole Band who recently passed away, bassist Kevin Smith of Willie Nelson’s Family band, as well as backup singer, co-writer, and Jesse’s right hand woman, Jodi Lyford.

Ahead of the release, Jesse has revealed the honky-tonk heater “Comin’ Apart At The Seams.” In the video (see below), Daniel looks like another country cat who originally came up in California, Dwight Yoakam. Originally from the San Lorenzo Valley area of California, Jesse Daniel now calls Austin home.

“I wrote this song about my experience in life,” says Daniel about the new track. “It’s autobiographical and touches on the way my brothers and I grew up. Coming from a broken home, there were a lot of hurdles for us, but I see now that those hard lessons we learned so young were actually a blessing. I wrote this one about the spirit of perseverance and the earned toughness that comes from an upbringing like we had. It’s the realization that no one is coming to save you. That’s on us to save ourselves.”

Countin’ The Miles is now available for pre-save/pre-order.


1. Comin’ Apart At The Seams
2. That’s My Kind Of Country
3. Countin’ The Miles
4. Ol’ Montana
5. Restless
6. When Your Tomorrow’s In The Past (feat. Jodi Lyford) 
7. Lonesome Blues
8. Tomorrow’s Good Ol’ Days (feat. Ben Haggard) 
9. Golden State Rambler
10. Steppin’ Out (feat. Jodi Lyford) 
11. Cut Me Loose

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