John Baumann Bemoans How “The Country Doesn’t Sound The Same”

Country music is a compass to American life. Even if you’re not especially drawn to the music as a fan, it still often resides in your ethos from the strong memories the sounds of it evoke like the smells in your grandmother’s kitchen. Country music’s qualities of nostalgia and timelessness give it that unique power to awaken a warm memory at just the right time, or imbibe you with a sense of place and consistency just when it’s most needed. That is, if it’s still around to be heard.

That’s why so many find a vested interest in attempting to protect and preserve the traditional modes of country music, no different than preserving that historic building in the center of town, that old growth of trees on a hill, that farm at the crossroads, or that sense of community we all feel with each other where differences in opinion are seen as subtle, and a mutual respect for your common man prevails.

These are the themes and feelings interwoven into the quality writing of John Baumann’s new song “The Country Doesn’t Sound The Same”—the second song he’s released from an upcoming record called Country Shade due June 5th, and the opening track from the album. Not your standard and cliche-riddled country protest song, this more thoughtful, reflective, and hushed effort bemoans the passing away of important things in life—country music included—to the onslaught of progress and noise, while resisting the new favorite American pastime of finger-pointing and laying blame.

John Baumann has made a name for himself by releasing quality songs such as “The Country Doesn’t Sound The Same.” It’s this attribute that Kenny Chesney found when choosing to record “Gulf Moon” on his last record, or what had Saving Country Music naming Baumann’s “Old Stone Church” as a nominee for the 2017 Song of the Year.

John Baumann has also earned the mutual admiration of his songwriting peers. He’s currently a member of the supergroup The Panhandlers with Cleto Cordero, William Clark Green, and Josh Abbott. He also recorded another song that sticks up for country music a couple of years back called “Country Music’s Dead” with Mike and the Moonpies.

Looking through the track list of the new John Baumann record, it appears like you can anticipate plenty of similar efforts to “The Country Doesn’t Sound The Same” in the 12 tracks. The album is now available for pre-order.


1. The Country Doesn’t Sound the Same
2. Next Ride Around the Sun
3. Daylight’s Burning
4. Homesick for the Heartland
5. Fool’s Crusade
6. If You Really Love Someone
7. Sunday Morning Going Up
8. I Don’t Know
9. Second Wind
10. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
11. Flight Anixety
12. Grandfather’s Grandson

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