John Michael Montgomery to Retire from Touring

Few assembled as memorable of a list of hits in the ’90s as John Michael Montgomery. “I Love the Way You Love Me,” “Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident),” “I Swear,” “I Can Love You Like That,” and “Be My Baby Tonight” all hit #1, and deservedly so from one of the era’s most passionate singers. As ’90s country has come back into vogue, the John Michael Montgomery catalog has received renewed interest.

Unfortunately though, like we see so often with country legends, Music Row gave John Michael Montgomery about a 10-year shelf life before shuffling him out to pasture. But he never stopped touring, and never stopped entertaining appreciative fans. But as he nears the age of 60 in 2025, he’s decided it’s time to start winding down touring.

“I’ll never forget the first time I stepped foot on a tour bus for my first show back in 1992, with my first single ‘Life’s A Dance’ just coming out on radio,” he said in a post on New Year’s Day. “It was so surreal to me. And of course like any new artist would, I worried about how long it would last and hoped it would not be a ‘flash in the pan’ career. So every album, every song and every year of being able to do what I love for so many years, and for the fans who have supported me and my music, I’ve cherished those moments very deeply. So, a BIG thank you to them all!”

Montgomery continues, “I’m not saying I’m never gonna step on stage and perform again, I still love that feeling of entertaining and the crowd cheering and singing along with my songs as much as that first show over thirty years ago, and it all started when my parents got me on stage when I was a kid. So I’m sure there will be some situations where I just need to do a show here and there because I’ll miss that too much. But I just feel the time has come to say goodbye to the road life.”

John Michael Montgomery is worth seeing live if you have the opportunity. When he performed in 2023 at the Two Step Inn in Texas, Saving Country Music observed,

“You could almost forget just how many hits John Michael Montgomery had back in the day. He came out holding a somewhat silly-looking Takamine guitar with an American flag graphic on it. But when he closed his eyes, stopped strumming, and crooned out classics like ‘I Could Love You Like That’ and ‘I Love The Way You Love Me,’ it could make you fall in love with anyone. How country music let this guy age off of radio is a travesty.”

John Michael Montgomery will be going on his final tour in 2024. A full set of dates will be forthcoming, but in the interim, you can find is currently announced dates below.

Hopefully this isn’t the last we’ve heard from John Michael Montgomery. He had the hits, and he had the influence to at least be worthy of Hall of Fame discussion at some point in the future.


Jan 3rd – Fort Myers, FL – Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall
Jan 26th – Dover, FL – Hillsborough County Fairgrounds
Mar 2nd – Nashville, IN – Brown County Music Center
April 5th – Riverside, IA – Riverside Casino Event Center
April 7th – Del Rio, TX – Val Verde Fairgrounds
May 31st – Xenia, OH -Greene County Fairgrounds and Expo Center
Oct 11th – Wichita, KS – TempleLive Wichita

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