John Moreland Announces New Album “LP5” – Releases New Song

For those fans of songwriting that hits so hard you’re apt to fold in two and end up in a fetal position on the floor, John Moreland has been one of your favorite poisons over the last few years. Those who crave Moreland like a drug had to feel their internal clocks ringing that he was about due for another record, and Friday was greeted with a new song with the timely title “East October” (listen below), and the announcement of a new album called LP5 due out February 7th, 2020.

Produced by Matt Pence from Centro-Matic, and recorded in Denton, TX at The Echo Lab, it will be the first time Moreland is not the primary producer on one of his records. The new album also marks John Moreland’s return to Thirty Tigers after releasing his last record via 4AD. The album title “LP5” seems to be in reference to the fact that this is John Moreland’s fifth official solo release.

“I’ve been home a lot more this year and I’ve been writing a lot more,” Moreland said in a recent interview. “I took a little longer this time, but you know, life stuff just got a little more hectic than it was in the past … It was the first time I wasn’t really the producer. It was kind of a group effort– but Matt [Pence] is definitely, he produced it … He helped me out for sure. He helped me get out of my comfort zone and push past things and do things I wanted to do but didn’t quite know how to do in the past. It was a really great experience.”

Centro-Matic and Monsters of Folk drummer Will Johnson also plays on the record, as does Bonnie Whitmore, and Moreland’s traveling sideman John Calvin Abney, who recently released his own album Safe Passage on September 27th which includes an appearance by Moreland. “Very happy for everyone else to get a chance to hear it,” producer Matt Pence said on September 26th after finishing the record. “I am immensely proud. We did real good.”

Over the years John Moreland has won mighty praise from fellow performers and songwriters from Jason Isbell to Miranda Lambert. Miranda has traveled multiple times to see Moreland perform. LP5 is now available for pre-order.


  1. Harder Dreams
  2. A Thought Is Just a Passing Train
  3. East October
  4. Learning How To Tell Myself the Truth
  5. Two Stars
  6. Terrestrial
  7. In Times Between
  8. When My Fever Breaks
  9. I Always Let You Burn Me To The Ground
  10. For Ichiro
  11. Let Me Be Understood

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