Kick Your Boots Up: Sierra Ferrell’s Rounder Debut Is Coming

Many folks have been feverishly awaiting news on when the debut album from gypsy jazz Appalachian folk phenom Sierra Ferrell would finally emerge after signing to Rounder Records in 2019. Well now we’ve been made aware the album will be arriving on August 20th, and it’s appropriately titled Long Time Coming. It also is fair to consider it as one of the most anticipated releases in roots music for the rest of this year.

Co-produced by 10-time Grammy Award-winner Gary Paczosa and Australian musician Stu Hibberd, Long Time Coming was recorded at Nashville’s Southern Ground and Minutia Studios, and finds the nexus between ragtime jazz, bluegrass mountain music, and classic country. Helping Sierra Ferrell along the way was a serious cadre of musicians including Billy Strings, Sarah Jarosz, Dennis Crouch, Jerry Douglas, Tim O’Brien, Chris Scruggs, and Rory Hoffman.

Originally from Charleston, West Virginia, Sierra started singing at the age of 7, left home in her 20’s to become a wandering minstrel playing in boxcars and at truck stops, later busking on the streets of New Orleans and Washington State before eventually landing in Nashville.

“I met all these homeless kids who were traveling all over the place and playing amazing old songs, and I wanted to be a part of that,” says Ferrell. “The music they were making was so honest, so pure. It seemed important to bring that kind of music back, and it’s been with me ever since.”

Sierra Ferrell released two favorably-received singles ahead of the album previously—“Why’d Ya Do It” and “Jeremiah.” Accompanying the announcement of the new album, she’s released another new track and accompanying video called “The Sea.”

“I wrote ‘The Sea’ to express my love for the ocean and the mysteries it possesses,” she says. “The song came to me while I was living out of my van in Port Townsend, WA. The beach quickly became one of my favorite places. I would walk there every day and look for items that had washed ashore.”

Though still considered a newcomer, Sierra has been garnering incredible attention over the last few years, with live videos racking up millions of views, and a strong fan base built solely from the marvel of her voice, presentation, and personality. A rare bird and a unique artist, she instills a dose of vibrancy and intrigue wherever she appears.


  1. The Sea (Sierra Ferrell)
  2. Jeremiah (Sierra Ferrell)
  3. Bells of Every Chapel (Sierra Ferrell – Oliver Bates Craven)
  4. At The End Of The Rainbow (Sierra Ferrell – Nate Leath)
  5. West Virginia Waltz (Sierra Ferrell – Nate Leath)
  6. Silver Dollar (Sierra Ferrell – Nate Leath)
  7. Far Away Across the Sea (Sierra Ferrell)
  8. Why’d Ya Do It (Sierra Ferrell)
  9. Give It Time (Sierra Ferrell)
  10. In Dreams (Sierra Ferrell)
  11. Made Like That (Sierra Ferrell)
  12. Whispering Waltz (Sierra Ferrell – Oliver Bates Craven)
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