Kimmi Bitter to Keep It “Old School” for New Album

She’s the closest thing our generation has to Patsy Cline, but she also has a style all her own. She’s the perfect combination of the familiar and original. The future of country music is classic, and the future of classic country is Kimmi Bitter.

If you’re a sucker for that old school country sound and little else sets you at ease similarly, Kimmi Bitter needs to be in your life. She first stunned Saving Country Music devotees with her 2022 single “My Grass Is Blue” that went on to be nominated for Single of the Year, and her followup “Aquamarine” also made the Top 25 Playlist. Now Kimmi Bitter has announced her new album, and its appropriately titled Old School, out March 29th.

“You can’t really explain why you love the things you love, but for me, I have this undeniable love for the 60s and earlier,” Bitter says. “To me, music peaked then and I have been wanting to do a straight up tried and true good old fashioned record for as long as forever. So at last, here we are, with a product in hand and a complete album on the rise!”

There are many artists out there these days trying to emulate classic country sounds. But with Kimmi Bitter, you can truly close you eyes and be transported back to vintage times. The vocal inflections and writing, the production approach with the choral singers, even down to the guitar tone and touches, it’s all emblematic of country music’s Golden Era, while still pushing forward relevant sentiments to listeners of today.

Along with creating a buzz with her early songs, Kimmi Bitter and her two-piece “Westside Band” have been making fans across the country as she tours relentlessly. She’s committed to keeping it real, keeping it independent, and keeping it old school. If she strays at all, it’s to participate in a little era-specific folk rock or rock ‘n roll from the same period as her country stuff.

Originally from San Diego, Kimmi is already gaining coast-to-coast buzz. Hopefully Old School will be the breakthrough moment Kimmi Bitter devotees have been waiting for.

The title track is out now. Old School is also available for pre-order or pre-save.

Track Listing:

1. Old School
2. I Can’t Unlove You
3. My Grass is Blue
4. Aquamarine
5. Cowboy Kind of Girl
6. Vagabond Blues
7. Billy Hill
8. I Dream of You
9. Oh Rosie
10. Get Those Hands (Where I Can See ‘Em)
11. Never Any Younger

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