KPUR to Become First 100,000-watt Station for Independent Texas Red Dirt Country Music

The expansionism in the Texas Music scene continues, and it has just acquired its first ever 100,000-watt signal. “The Armadillo” out of Amarillo, Texas will be switching signals on Monday, January 15th from its current home of 107.1 to its new home of 95.7, which will boost the station’s signal from 5,000-watts to the highest signal allowed in broadcast radio. Both stations are owned by Cumulus Media, with the current 95.7 signal being an affiliate of the NASH Icon network. The signals will switch, but all programming and personnel will remain the same.

The move will make The Armadillo the most powerful station in the U.S. to broadcast exclusively independent Texas and Red Dirt country music. Located in the Texas panhandle, this means the signal will reach parts of Oklahoma and New Mexico as well. But beyond the audience the Armadillo might reach, it’s a big step up in infrastructure that speaks to the growing interest in Texas country and Red Dirt in the region and beyond.

“The Texas Red Dirt audience is made up of the most loyal listeners I have ever seen and I am excited for what this move means for them and for the Texas Red Dirt artists,” says Shannon Urton, Vice President/Market Manager of Cumulus Media-Amarillo.

Craig Vaughn, Operations Manager/Program Director, Cumulus Media-Amarillo adds, “Texas Red Dirt music has grown in popularity to the extent that 5,000 watts of power just wasn’t enough anymore. Moving to 95.7 gives KPUR 100,000 watts of power so we can satisfy the demand we’ve had from the smaller towns surrounding Amarillo.”

Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle region is a vital touring market and proving ground for many touring Texoma artists, with many venues and annual events falling within the region, as well as being the home many performers. With other events such as the Tumbleweed Music Festival in Kansas City, and the inaugural Mile 0 Fest in Key West, Florida in February 2018, Texas and Red Dirt music continues to expand its borders and branch out to new markets, making an environment where artists can grow without having to test their luck with Music Row in Nashville.

Other dedicated Texas/Red Dirt stations include 95.9 The Ranch in Ft. Worth, and KOOK in Austin, as well as others throughout the region.

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