Laurel Cove Music Festival Offers Best of Appalachian Roots

Over the last few years, we all haven’t been able to stop harping on all the great country music talent coming out of the greater Appalachian region, from Kentucky, to West Virginia, to the Commonwealth, to south and eastern Ohio. One festival with its finger squarely on the pulse of all of this has been doing their level best to put all that talent together in one place.

It’s called the Laurel Cove Music Festival, and it’s happening June 10th and 11th in Pineville, Kentucky at the picturesque Pine Mountain State Resort Park’s Laurel Cove Ampitheater. It’s put on by Bell County Tourism, and this will now be the 3rd year for the event.

Headlining the Laurel Cover Music Festival will be reigning Saving Country Music Album of the Year winner Charles Wesley Godwin, along with one of the greatest live acts to see in roots music at the moment, Sierra Ferrell. Other well-recognized names from the region include Kelsey Waldon and John R. Miller of the Check Engine Lights fame, and Nicholas Jamerson and the Morning Jays. Jamerson is known also for being 50% of Kentucky’s Sundy Best.

But if what you’re looking for is something to discover, this fest will have plenty for you too. Cole Chaney, Bella White, and Logan Halstead were some of the biggest discovery artists for many over the last couple of years, and in 2022, Tony Louge and his album Jericho has been one of the big releases so far. See full lineup below.

Add in Vincent Neil Emerson from Texas, Eric Bolander, and former Saving Country Music Song of the Year winner Justin Wells, and this lineup is stacked from top to bottom, and offers a more intimate experience compared to the big corporate festivals.

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