Loretta Lynn Attends Metallica Concert – Metallica Pays Tribute

photos: Brad Coolidge / file: Metallica

Welcome to the colliding of your two little musical worlds, where that classic country connoisseur and twang hound in you meets the hard-driving metalhead who punched a hole in your bedroom wall in 7th grade while listening to Master of Puppets. This is what occurred when Metallica showed up in Nashville Thursday night (1-26) for their first show in Music City in 10 years, and were graced by the presence of other than country music legend Loretta Lynn who was there to soak it all in.

You probably wouldn’t peg Loretta Lynn to be one to ride the lightning, but perhaps she was just using her legendary status to score Bridgestone Arena box seats for her grandkids. Either way, you can now mark it down in the annals of country music that at 86 years of age, Loretta Lynn drove in from Butcher Holler to attend a Metallica show, and when the band got word Loretta would be there, they whipped up a quick tribute to the Hall of Famer.

About halfway through the show, frontman James Hetfield took a break, and guitarist Kirk Hammett and bass player Rob Trujillo took the opportunity to play a stripped down version of Loretta’s 1971 hit, “You’re Lookin’ at Country.”

“We love Loretta Lynn, by the way,” Trujillo told the audience while introducing the song. “We think she’s here tonight. Kirk was supposed to sing this song, but he says he’s too nervous. So I’ve gotta sing it, so help me out here … if we blow it, don’t kick our ass, all right? We’re gonna have fun. It’s a party, remember that.”

On cue, Trujillo butchered that classic by the lady from Butcher Holler. It was about as awkward and world clashing as when your mom adds you on Instagram. But it was the thought that counts, and the Nashville crowd was appreciative, as was Loretta Lynn herself.

“Well, y’all aint gonna believe this!” Loretta said on Friday (1-25). “Check out Metallica covering my song, ‘You’re Looking At Country’. Now I’ve seen everything. I loved it, boys! Keep rocking and it’s good by me if you do a few more of mine. Maybe I’ll have to sing one with you sometime!”

Hey, that’s more tribute than most of today’s country stars have ever paid to Loretta Lynn or really any country legend. Speaking of, Loretta will be paid tribute in the same building come April 1st when many country legends will come together to celebrate Loretta’s 87th birthday.

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