Luke Bryan Farm Concert Causes Traffic Nightmare in Lexington


The troubles on Luke Bryan’s current farm tour continue.

After a few dates were postponed due to wet weather, including the scheduled concert in Lexington, KY at the Talon Winery on Thursday, October 1st, the concert finally went down Tuesday night (10-6), but with some serious hitches.

Traffic on the only two lane road leading to the winery backed up so bad, at one point the line stretched upwards of eight miles, and took five and-a-half hours for some patrons to get through. Vehicles ran out of gas, other vehicles were abandoned on the side of the road as their occupants decided to hoof it to the winery, and still other ticket holders missed the concert entirely because of the traffic snarl.

This was all despite the gates to the concert being opened at 2 p.m. to encourage people to arrive early, and advisories to attendees to make sure to leave for the concert with extra time to spare. However since the show was on a weekday, many attendees couldn’t travel to the concert until after 5 p.m., which ended up being too late for some.

Once the traffic issue became apparent, Luke Bryan delayed his start time of the concert for about an hour, until 9:30 p.m., to facilitate the arrival of more patrons. “Hey guys we know traffic is backed up. Please be patient. We’re waiting on ya,” Luke tweeted out. Still some did not make it.

And then when the concert ended, the traffic issues were even more exacerbated, with some concert goers stuck on the two-lane Tates Creek Road outside of Lexington on a weeknight until 4 a.m. in the morning.

The traffic issues also taxed the police working the event, and have some in Lexington and surrounding areas questioning how the concert was able to move forward without municipal approval, and how a similar issue can be prevented in the future. The promoters of the farm tour say they will reimburse law enforcement for officer overtime.

Promoters are also telling customers they are working on a resolution for attendees who were either inconvenienced, or unable to get to the concert, and will be informing the public of those resolutions by Monday, October 12th.

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