Miranda Lambert On Why She Won’t Release a Live Album

Releasing a live record is seen as a rite of passage for many artists. And with the energy she brings to a live show, you would think Miranda Lambert would be a good candidate for one, especially these days with the hard-charging songs found on her latest record Wildcard produced by Jay Joyce. Many fans have been requesting a live record from Lambert for years, and now some 15+ years into her career, you would think she’s about due. But according to Miranda, it’s not going to happen.

Speaking recently to Broadway on Nash 93.1 out of Detroit, when asked if she’d ever release a live record, Miranda responded, “I’m kind of a more ‘Don’t you want to see it in person?’ kind of person. I mean, I don’t enjoy listening to live albums unless they’re vintage. I just feel like people should come have an experience, you know, and be there, and be part of it. So I probably won’t ever do it.”

There are some great live albums in country, but like Miranda said, most of them are older, like Willie Nelson’s Willie and Family Live from 1978, Merle Haggard’s Okie From Muskogee from 1969, and of course the Johnny Cash prison albums. But it’s hard to find anything more modern that fits the “legendary” profile. Eric Church and Garth Brooks have released some big live titles, but nothing that has become legendary on its own.

Miranda Lambert will be embarking on her Wildcard Tour starting January 16th, and like she’s known for, she will be taking some cool openers out with her, including Cody Johnson for the entirety of the tour, The Randy Rogers Band and Parker McCollum on select dates, as well as LANCO.

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